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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update!

 Play Ball!

September starts next week...that means my teens head back to school...and football season begins.  Technically it starts tomorrow night with Riley's first JV game at home and we are all looking forward to that.  And since mid July we've been in football and baseball mode.  Riley has been in football camp 6 days a week since end of July...2 a days, burpees, and lots of stinky sweat.  My truck gets febrezed every weekend...sweaty gear, sweaty boys...ick is all I say.  So that's a big part of my life every day.  Riley is a Defensive Tackle and DN on JV this mom gets to be a worry-wart every game ugh gotta hate love that. <wink>

My 6'3 240 lb son...yup still my

Alexa (on right) and her BFF these 2 gals!

And my daughter will be a senior...sigh..the time goes by fast y'all.  We have already paid for senior pics, cap & gown, and yearbook ads.  Oy?  I think I should just open a direct account to my bank account for the school ;)  But this year will be extra sweet seeing Alexa go thru her last year of high school and prepare for college...bittersweet in so many ways.

 Redskins won btw <wink> domination is the word!

And in other news hubby and I had a date night Saturday at FedEx Field to see the Redskins vs Bills pre-season game.  I won tix on the club level...2 tickets we declared it ADULTS ONLY for this event.  I have been a Redskins fan since age 5...back in the days of Riggins, Theisman, Green, Monk...ya know all the great Redskins players.  Now I'm putting my money on the new team of greatness I feel may be happening and its exciting!

Niles of my faves & he always has time for his fans!
He's a hilarious tweeter too!

 Chief..a Redskins fan/mascot for a LONG time!
He was so kind as I knew he would be...he signed my ball too!

And because we are Redskin and sport crazy in our family we ended the weekend at Redskins Park in Ashburn for a charity car show and an opportunity to meet & see a lot of the players.  I got my football signed by many players including Chief (our mascot that's been at every game since I was a small girl).  So I was a happy girl!

 Redskins alum & sideline reporter Antwaan Randle El was their with his girls...he hung out 
a long time too and chatted, really nice guy.  I love when athletes are down-2-earth and just nice guys..that makes me happy when I cheer them on to know that.  Yeah that's him signing my football and he drew me a pic on it too :)

Darrell nice, he hung around and chatted with me and a few others for about 20 mins he's a great player too!  Love him!

Yeah the Dean Family loves their sports...its something we all can enjoy together, we have season tickets to baseball, hockey and football and its family time.  We sometimes have heated discussions, we smack talk, we yell, we laugh, we love ESPN.  Maybe not all families love that so much but its something that we all really LOVE together...and that makes ME love it that much more!

And Friday and Saturday we will be at our Nats games in DC in between a little Florida Georgia Line fun that is ;)

Have a great week!


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