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Sunday, August 25, 2013

High, Low!

 Their Style...2...My Style
HIGH to Low!

I read a lot of books and magazines, no surprise as I've talked about it before.  I have a lot of magazine subscriptions...don't ask but in my husband's words "its ridiculous" LOL. BUT I read them all and I love Us Weekly, People, Glamour, InStyle and Marie Claire for my fashion fun reads.  I've always been interested in fashion, I like to dress nice but I don't want to spend a ton of money either. So sometimes you have to be creative and shop around.  I have two teens who eat a lot, stick their hands out for money a lot and college tuition coming soon so I try to save wherever I can.  Doesn't mean I don't like quality pieces and if I know I will wear it a lot I will invest more money in it....ex. jeans, boots, dresses.

So when I saw Reese Witherspoon's outfit in a magazine recently it spoke to me....totally my style and I had most of the pieces (jeans, shirt and necklace).  But I need a belt and shoes that color...I love it and red IS my fave color.  I also want a camel/brown purse this fall, its on my want list as I know it will go with everything and is always a classic.

courtesy of Us Weekly magazine



My jeans are from A&F because they fit me well and I like that they don't stretch out
and counts as FREE since I own them already :)

This shirt from NYC Limited Co is $49 but with a coupon you can get it for $30--
I have a navy shirt like Reese's from Express with short sleeves but I like the contrast of the white & navy polka dot shirt as an option too.

my necklace came from Nordstroms for about $50 a few years ago but this one from
Etsy is similar and only $28
This belt from Target is only $12


These shoes from Steven Mikka (at Zappos) on sale for $62


I {heart} this Coach purse which breaks the my bank at $398 BUT it can be used for many seasons.
I still use a classic black Coach satchel from 8 years ago...always elegant and looks great, just gotta take care of them!
Or this satchel which is $155 from Zappos which is a bit cheaper and still nice! 

and can't forget my nails...and I love this Essie color "Glamour Purse" for fall, a nice neutral.
 (I'm partial to Essie & Butter nail polishes...they stay on a long time and I'm brutal to nail polish LOL).

So total of my outfit is $104 for shoes, belt and polka-dot shirt since I own the other items.
But I'm sure you could find shoes cheaper than $60...I know these shoes are made well and if I hate them, Zappos ships them back for free...gotta love Zappos!
Not too bad and something I can wear a lot and switch around with other items in my closet.  The purse is a "want" item...doesn't mean I'll get it but it also means I will ask for it for my anniversary prezzie ;)
Ohhhhhh hubbbbyyyyyyy!!!!


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