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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Laundry Essentials!!

Some Laundry Essentials for College

My daughter is off to college next fall and I am collecting and making gifts for her and her two BFFs to take to college <Read more about that HERE>.  I will put them all in the large Thirty-One totes I got each of them.  My daughter has learned (I say that term loosely ahaha) to do laundry but I am still in charge of laundry in this house...I don't mind but I they are responsible for the put-aways of their clothes/towels/linens.  But I know once she's off to college she will be doing it ALL by herself so I wanted her to have a few essentials that she can take to the laundry room easily. 

PS--I forgot to put the small white scrub brush in the photos but that will be included too.  It was $1 from the Target Dollar spot!

The laundry basket in background is is not included ;)

Dish Soap, Vinegar and Honest Co. Stain Remover
are the essentials I've taught her to use for stains and "incidents".
Yes white vinegar and dish soap can pair up to clean some mighty stains my friends.
I created pretty labels for surprise...I am a papercrafter at my core and 
I simply cannot help myself!

A small stack of inexpensive white washcloths to dab and blot at stains are essential
in my laundry room and for Alexa's Kit.  I tied them off with a pretty ribbon to match :)

Then momma made her up some Laundry Tip cards...all laminated for the inevitable spills and splashes!
I will link them below for anyone that would like to use them, they are in pretty colors so if you need them for a boy you will need to change text colors :) or ask me to and email them to you if you'd like. They are formatted for a 4x6 card.

I used my printer to create all these tags and then I stamped the teal swirls on each label, then laminated them.  Because I used thick cardstock I sent them through the laminator 3 times...just to be safe..cuz I'm all for safety and longevity ;)  Then hole punched and hooked together.

**I bought a NEW laminator from Target...a Scotch machine for $24 and it worked beautifully.  I had an older Xyron and it broke as I was beginning this project...arghhh*

Laundry tips that I know Alexa may forget or question what she remembered that she either 
attach to her laundry bag easily or keep in the bucket.
Or in my daughter's case she will probably text me WHILE she's doing laundry LOL!

A tip sheet on how to use white vinegar effectively on stains!

And another Stain Removal Tip Sheet with how to clean off
grease, lipstick, soda, pizza sauce, etc...all those things that may get on
clothes while at college.  And my daughter is the leader in dropping food on I got it all covered.

This is Alexa's new laundry bag that her grandmother got her to take to college.
Its a Vera Bradley bag and its HUGE, will haul a lot of laundry and has a nice thick strap to carry too.
Inside it has an attached pouch for change but at U of SC (where Alexa hopes to attend) they can use their student ID cards like a swipe card in the laundry room to pay for loads of wash...a little easier to do the task.  Why?  Because when her card is empty of $$$ she simply calls the Bank of Mom & Dad to load it up again LOL!

I made a matching tag to attach to her laundry bag as well just in case.
And cuz' its purrrrtyyyyy :)

 I added some pretty paper to the galvanized bucket (bucket was $3 at Michaels) to match the labels I made and another tag that hooks on the bucket saying "Laundry Essentials".  Just in case you forget ya know! <wink>  And everything fits inside nicely (and the scrub brush which I forgot, arghhh)!

Everything in this bucket including the bucket was approx $18 for all supplies

I will make 2 more of these sets for her friends in their fave colors as well...then they will go in the large tote bags.  So by the time they graduate there will be all kinds of goodies for them to use at college and maybe not feel too homesick.

This is a great idea for a brand new home-owner too...maybe a college grad moving into their first apartment or a young person moving into their first home perhaps.


Here are links to print the files for my Laundry Tip Cards if you'd like to use them.  They are formatted to print in a 4x6 size on an 8.5 x11 size paper.  They will also print in pretty colors ;) 

Laundry Tip Card 3

Masculine Versions here:  Card 1, Card 2, Card 3

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Happy Wash Day to you!



  1. This is awesome! Such a great idea for anyone moving out. My daughter is 26 and still brings her laundry home to do because her apartment has coin operated machines and she thinks that is gross haha. I hope when she gets married she buys a washer! Lol

    1. Well there are so many ways to treat stains and I know Alexa will remember NOTHING when she gets to college other than wash & dry LOL. So I figured this would help a bit...heck I still look up some removal tips myself if its been awhile! Thanks Kim :)

  2. Love this Suzanne! How clever!

  3. Super idea!!! Love her laundry bag, I have a Vera Bradley purse and key chain in that purple pattern!!! However, when I was shopping one day, I put a bottle of bleach in the top part of the cart and then moved it and proceeded to put my purse there instead. Yep, said bleach was leaking and now I have a big bleached out part!!! I about died! Anyway, thank goodness it is on the bottom only! What an awesome gift! And you're right, it would make a great shower gift or housewarming gift!! Thanks for all the hard work to share with all of us!!!

    1. Oh that's a bummer Teri...bleach can be a real PIA sometimes eh? I don't trust Alexa with any bleach yet..I see disaster brewing LOL! hugz~

  4. You are one amazing mom! How awesome that you are putting this together for your daughter and her BFFs a year before they head off to college. You really know how to plan ahead!! Don't forget to give it to the guys too. They may need the info more than the girls! ;-)

    1. Well I sure hope its put to good use by her and her friends. Sometimes you need a friendly reminder or tips from Mom to help you out :) Thanks Judy~

  5. LOVE how prepared you are and how absolutely darling you've accessorized the kit. Your daughter and her BFFs are going to want to do laundry at college next year, just to show off their stuff!

    1. Thanks so much KellyRae..hope they use it A LOT and bring home LESS wash eh? LOL! Hugs~

  6. Really cute idea. Love the "google or call mom." I remember having to dig up coins to do laundry when I went to college. My my how times have changed.

  7. What a great idea Suzanne!! You're just too clever girl!


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