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Monday, August 12, 2013

Trash 2 Treasure!

From Trash to Treasure Re-Do


We cleared out a lot of useless junk, old furniture and clothes from the house this weekend.  I have been clearing out for a few months now and the garage was FULL of stuff not to mention piles I put in the study.  I can now proudly say it was donated and taken care those that want to give them all a new home.  I am now a very happy girl :)

Some trash items were salvaged by moi LOL for a new life like this old whiteboard that used to hang in my daughter's room before we redecorated.  It was headed for the TRASH...the marks on it were pretty ingrained and even with goo-be-gone they left yucky marks and I had no use for it.

I wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen...I was going to buy trim and paint part of a wall and then trim it out.  But I got to looking at the size of this whiteboard everytime I went in the garage and thought
its the same size I want on my wall.  

So I turned it into this:

Yep a chalkboard that was the exact size I wanted and 
it can come with us when we move or I can take it down when I get sick of it.
I'm a genius right? bwahahaha no not really but I was thrilled with my RE-USE
of this board.
It shall be home to notes, lists, to-do's and more!

A can of chalkboard paint, a foam roller and paintbrush was all that was needed.
Total cost was under $15---MUCH cheaper than it would be to buy a chalkboard this size.
Lordy, I've seen smaller ones go for $35-50 in stores...CRAZY!!
I painted right over the whiteboard...5 coats to make sure it was nice and ready.
Then hubby hung it up for me...cuz he's a good man :)

**NOTE: condition your chalkboard by rubbing chalk over it and then this TWICE..before using regularly**

So it sits on the wall that looks into my dining room and around the corner from our desk.
I have lots of black accents in my kitchen/great room so it fits in nicely.  I will use it for all those notes I usually put on post-its that inevitably get lost or NOT seen!

Now for the huge air vent OVER it...yeah that baby is getting painted this week UGH...I hate it and of course it cannot be removed LOL.  So it will get painted the color of my wall to blend in a bit.

Have you rehabbed any trash-2-treasure items??


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  1. Great reuse Suzanne! Saves money and the planet. It looks great! Lyns xx

  2. That looks good. I like that redo.

  3. Perfect , what a great save! When I think if all the things I've sold at yard sales or donated to the good will that I could have repurposed...crazy! I love this and it's a perfect size! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at our Get Your DIY on Party! Hope to see you again Sunday with your thrifty Halloween project :)


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