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Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend News!

It was great having a weekend with NO real plans...we had some things we wanted to do but nothing set in concrete.  I LOVE THOSE!  We usually have 101 things we have to fit in each weekend so there isn't always a lot of "rest" time.  So we enjoyed it :)

The turtle "Bob" as we have named him.
He is not our pet..really..he just likes my flower gardens..
and to sun himself in my driveway.
I find his shell amazing..Mother Nature rocks.

We did a little yardwork...I cleaned out my veggie garden to prepare
for new seeds & planting.
Planted some new grass seed & cut dead growth off of our shrubs.
Cleaned off the patio and furniture...a chore that needs to be done every couple weeks when
you live near the woods.
Stacked up new load of wood that our neighbor gave to us..lots of fires outside to come!

We traveled out to Bealeton, VA for the Flying Circus Air Show & Hot Air Balloon Festival.
A must see if you live nearby or are visiting.
Fall is especially beautiful and always a great place to picnic.

You have to take a trip in a hot air balloon...there is nothing like it on a peaceful, beautiful day.

Alexa & James
 Seriously?  Matching again...I promise y'all we don't do it on purpose LOL!
We just like the same colors too much!

Some of the super cute the rainbow chairs on the porch.

Like to fly? You can go up in a restored bi-plane and take the
SAFE ROUTE (ahem meeee)
the Acrobatic Ride with loop-de-loos (NOT meee) ;)

Beautiful planes yes?  I want to fly the red one ;)

The hubster's dream is to get his pilots license...I'm not on board..small planes scare the POO outta me!  So for his birthday in November we are buying him a ride on the bi-plane, acrobatic style with video :)  And we will spend the day there with a picnic just enjoying the day, our family and hubby's birthday.  I know he will LOVE it!  (shhhh don't tell)

Finished up Saturday evening with a heated Nats vs. Braves baseball game...5.5 hours long, 15 innings...BUT we WON!  Go Nats! Team solidarity and fan support makes my heart sing :)

Comfort food is always good on a rainy day...BBQ chicken and some home fries.
That's finger lickin' food my friends!

Finished up with warm biscuits, slathered in butter and honey...mmmmm!

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!!


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  1. Bob is gorgeous, as is your yard. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos that give us a tiny peek into your world. How fast can you get that chicken and biscuits to Philadelphia?


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