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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Frustration & Fun!


We have a crazy weekend full of going-ons and chores.  Hubby may run away if he sees this post before I give him the list ahahaha.  Riley has his first JV football scrimmage tomorrow at 10 and then we are renting a truck to load a ton of old furniture, tvs and the like to drop off at Salvation Army.  Stuff has been sitting in my garage, master bedroom and study for wayyyy too long...I've had ENOUGH.  So I had a mini temper tantrum...which I'm known to have by myself when I get frustrated LOL..I don't direct it at anyone but the fam knows to STAY out of my way when I'm in a snit...and I moved all the old stuff out of my bedroom sitting room and put it in the upstairs hallway this morning so you can barely walk.  That way everyone is on notice that I'm NOT fooling around and it will be gone by Sunday night or else ;)  I plan on picking up my paint for my laundry room, dining room and Riley's new bedroom and getting hubby to recaulk all the bathtubs and sinks in the house.

I've had the SAME spring to-do list for 2 years now and he hasn't checked even one thing off...can you say FRUSTRATING...he doesn't have a lot of time YET refuses to hire help so its either him or me.  And I've threatened that I will be caulking on Monday if he doesn't get it done...that scares him when I say that...not that I'm not capable but he thinks he will do it better  PFFTTT!  (PS--the spring list is his, I have my own list and I will proudly say I have them all done but one because I'm a bit more motivated to get things done around here then the hubster...sighhhh)

So my plan is that we will check off at least 2-3 to-do items each weekend until most are done. I want to enjoy the fall weekends relaxing a bit with school starting and all that craziness underway with Alexa's senior year and football season eatin up time.  Not too much to ask right?  So today I typed up a schedule and put the teens on notice too that they will be helping...its a family issue and will be done by the FAMILY!  So when you hear my house emitting multiple huffs and groans you will KNOW that the to-do list is being checked off ahahaha!

So tonight we will enjoy a night out for some pizza at my fave Bertucci's and then off to see "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" as our weekend treat.  The kids read the Percy books years ago, then I read them and we all enjoyed the first movie a lot.  So we are excited to see the 2nd movie in the series tonight.

Then the craziness of chore-dom will begin tomorrow...da da da dum.....

Enjoy your weekend!  I will have some project pics to share with you next week too!


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  1. Isn't it crazy? Every time I turn around, something needs to be done. I spent the spring/summer with workers here. It started when a piece came off my chimney back in February and I'm just now winding down because one thing led to another. LS


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