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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Me!

Do you love to read?  I sure of my best memories is going to our small town library once a week growing up and spending at least an hour in the library, looking at books, looking for books and the smell.  Something about a library that I just love.  NOwadays I read on my Kindle Fire...I've been a concert since the first Kindle came out...I've converted quite a few over too.  Saving trees I like to say not to mention the instant gratification of ordering a book and having it on your reader 3 secs sweet joy it is LOL!

I read a lot too..I average 3-4 books a week..I read VERY late at night when my house is quiet, I'm in bed and no one needs anything.  Its my favorite ONLY me time I get most days and I look forward to it.  Its my stress reliever and I seriously get grumpy if I don't get that time.  I have been known to read till 5 m to finish a good book...I don't think a book has ever put me to sleep...always the opposite with me, they keep me UP! (shhh I will never reveal how much I spend on e-books LOL...hubby has an idea but he knows its what I enjoy...its my crack of choice so he doesn't mind..some spend their extra $$ on coffee or liquor, I choose to spend mine on books & music)  Some libraries allow checkouts of books via e-readers and there are sites that offer free books...I have gotten free or .99 cents books off of Amazon that turned out to be amazing *usually new authors* so make sure to check ALL your options.

I like most books although super violent ones will put me off.  I love Ken Follett's Century Series and have read them all, but couldn't finish his "Pillars of Earth"...too violent and I have a very visual imagination and nightmares so bad that when I got halfway through I decided I couldn't do it.  I never NOT finish many books but I can count that one and Moby Dick as two of them LOL!  I read 2-3 books at a time...usually a more serious or biography and a less serious book or not as serious ;)  So yes I read romance, mysteries, some sci-fi, biographies, etc....most interest me and I like a book with MEAT.  I don't mind a fluff read now and again but I want a very intriguing story, something that is smart and makes me think and want to turn the page.  "Fifty Shades of Grey"...yeah I started it, didn't care for the writing or the matierial and I didn't finish it LOL...I need a bit of a story to keep me reading.  I understand the APPEAL of it, just wasn't for me.

BUT that is the beauty of can pick and choose what appeals to YOU and what you enjoy.  To me a good book is like the best kind of movie you can find...a good book makes you excited to go back to it and continue the story...a page turner is the best gift I can receive.

My mom is a reader along with both my brother and sister and I'm happy to say so is my daughter.  We share books amongst our Kindles (we share one account).  My son will only read now and again...sadly he takes after his father LOL.  I think reading makes you learn become a better speller and it expands your vocabulary...I fail to think of many things a good book won't help you with (other than losing sleep or delaying chores because you are busy reading)!!  And I read everything...I subscribe to about 20 magazines and subscribe to most news sites...I'm also a news junkie, a celebrity news junkie and just a reader.  If it can be read I will read it :)


So I started a cyber book club a few years ago called BookEndz.  In my other neighborhoods I lived in I started book clubs but here in VA I never found the right mix of women so decided to go cyber...that way anyone could join in or skip the book if you chose.  I try to choose books that make you think, pull you in and have a good meaty story.  So if you need book selections or like to read with a group, everyone is welcome to join it HERE!  

Below is our current book club read for August...its extremely good, has a great story, a great cast of characters and it makes YOU THINK and if you read it, let me know what you think!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Need more can follow me on Goodreads as well (its like facebook for books, reviews, descriptions and everything...I love it)...I try to keep my site up with all the books I've read, want to read or have ordered.



  1. I love to read too and now use the Kindle. Sadly I don't read much anymore. Probably because I can never put a book down until it's finished. My favorite reading material for the past several years has been suspense (think Criminal Minds, not si-fi or voodooism) or Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I am looking forward to the pre-release I've already bought that comes out September 1st of Jack Reacher. LS

  2. I love to read but for me, part of the enjoyment is in the tactile - actually holding the book and making notes, if it is mine and not from the Library. I still remember the first book I ever got from a library. I was 11 and the book was "Yankee Stranger" by Elswyth Thayne. I think I then moved on to anything by Poe, as well as Jane Eyre, Dragonwyck, etc. I love the Jack Reacher books that Liz mentioned in the comment above but my all time favorite author is Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series, followed closely by the Wilderness series by Sara Donati. I like the lighter mysteries too, such as those by Diana Mott Davidson and Laura Childs. Have you ever read "Watership Down"? I started that one night right after dinner and after the children were in bed, and never did get to bed myself. I finished it in the wee morning hours which made that day very long at work!


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