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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ohhh Those Tomatoes!

I have a TON of tomatoes coming in from my garden so I'm making a ton of recipes with them to use them up (and dropping baskets of them off at neighbors too).  Nothing better than fresh tomatoes..the flavor just can't be beat.  And I hate to see any of them go bad.  So I've made a huge batch of my homemade tomato sauce (recipe and instructions to come) and other recipes to share with you here.  But one of my faves is Sweet Tomato Pie...a southern staple and so yummy you will want to make it again and again.  BUT its only really good with fresh tomatoes, off season tomatoes don't work as well.  My recipe is an adaptation from so many places I can't even remember but I know the basics of this recipe came from a Southern Living magazine years ago and then I added to it a bit.
It is similar in taste to Bruschetta with cheese and there are NEVER any leftovers in my house when I make this!

Gather up your ingredients starting with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and an onion to chop. (I like Vidalia Onions best in this recipe...this one came from a local farm & its HUGE)  Make sure you get as much juice as you can out of your tomatoes and then chop them into chunks.  You don't want a lot of juice in your tomatoes because it will make the pie soggy...ick!

Look at those tomatoes and basil...oh my!  My mouth is watering!
Put a bib on woman!

Then you layer all that yummilicious cheese mixture on top evenly..mmmmm!
Don't lick your fingers...I saw you!
If you like bacon, you can add some bacon crumble to this mixture!

And bake it till its bubbly and golden brown...the smell is divine and the TASTE is even BETTER!
BUT WAIT...let the pie sit for at least 5 mins to settle so it slices better...c'mon you can wait I know you can :)

MMMMM can you taste the wonderful flavors good!
Hope you like it!

Bon Appetit!


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  1. This sounds amazing and I have one of those connections for the tomatoes, I have the fresh basil and almost the last of the Vidalia Onions of the season. Sounds like a weekend meal is brewing!

    Suzanne, if you like an assortment of beans (dark red Kidney, Black, Garbonzo, Pinto and Lima beans) I have a great recipe for you as well!!!


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