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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mama Mia!

Calzones Mama Suzanne Style!!

I love Italian food....and Asian food...and Mexican food...sighhhhhh
I just love good food!!
I sometimes think I was an Italian mama in my "other" life.
Pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, bruschetta, calzones...its all good right?
I've had lots of calzones at restaurants but I must admit I like mine best.
Well because I can add what I want to them and so can YOU!!
And you can make them cheaper...score!

Start with some pizza dough all rolled out into a nice sized triangle.
Don't roll too thin, you need a thick crust to surround all those yummies inside.
Then cut (with a pizza cutter or knife) into four even triangles like above.

Then add some of your favorite pizza sauce to the center of each triangle.
Not too much, just don't want soggy calzones remember?

I made my own pizza sauce with tomatoes from my garden...mmm it was divine.
(more on that soon)
However Ragu Traditional Style Pizza Sauce in a jar is pretty good too :)
Just sayin'....

Then add nice scoops of ricotta cheese to each triangle...use reduced fat if you like.
I happen to love lots of ricotta so I add a might want to add less...
its Calzones YOUR style remember!

Then sprinkle that cheesy goodness in the form of mozzerella and parmesan
all over that scoop of ricotta.

I add another lil' scoop of pizza sauce on top of my cheese mixture just because...
but its not required.  Just a "Suzanne" style add on!

Then wrap those babies up like a baby's diaper/nappy nice & tight :)
Fold one side all the way over and tuck, then the next side...then finish up with the middle
triangle point and wrap over center and tuck well.  Pinch any open areas closed.

Then you are gonna melt some butter and baste the butter on the top of each
calzone.  Finish them off with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Look at that wrapped up gift of goodness you've made...mmmmmmmm!
Nothin' says LOVIN' like yummies from the OVEN :)

Cook at 375 degs for 22 mins or more...
Cook until its nicely browned, insides are gooey & up some extra sauce (warmed of course) and TA-DA!!  Dinner is done and finished and GOOD!! mmmmmm
Most calzones cost from anywhere $6-14 each at restaurants....these cost on average $3 each...yeah

**make them ahead of time and cover and put in fridge for a bit if you need to
**add other ingredients inside like carmelized onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, etc...the sky's the limit for how you can make these.
*This is just how I made them this time, as I like just cheese in mine with an occasional onion & mushroom added now and again!



  1. I think I'd add loads to the insides... Haggis would make that, seriously! *wipes drool from chin* I'm supposed to be Dieting Suzanne - don't be posting yummy pics like this! he he... They look great! Lyns xx

  2. I have never made one before but you make it look easy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds so good. I think I'll have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These looks amazing! I have home made pizza dough and sauce in the fridge, was going to pizza tonight, but think I'll change it up. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. This sounds awesome! Can you let me know what size 1 bag of mozzarella is and what size ricotta container is? Thanks!

    1. I use a 2 lb container of Ricotta cheese (and I use 3/4ths of it) and a reg bag of mozz...but its all up to you how much you use or want in your calzone. Enjoy!


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