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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Fun Recap!

Hi everyone!  Did you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend?  We sure did even though we worked most of it....we had to do some painting on the outside of our house & cabana and yardwork. Trying to get ready for Alexa's graduation party means no slow down on the to-do list that's for sure.  But I cooked dinner every night and we relaxed on the patio each evening since the weather was OUT OF THIS WORLD fantastic all weekend.  Usually Memorial Day weekend is rained out but it was in the 80s, light breeze and sunny-blue-skies all 4 days..whoo hoo!!

These were my ode to Memorial Day flowers I had on the patio steps this the pretty pinwheel flowers with the blue.  I always have red geraniums on my front porch that I stick flags in as well....perfect for Memorial Day and July 4th!

The hubs finished powerwashing the patio so that the new mulch can now be put in without being disturbed.  Most of my flowers are all in bloom now and so pretty!

This is the back view of our house...I took this while I was busy spray painting some things for upcoming projects!  That empty spot in the garden is getting a lilac tree in it by this weekend & new mulch hopefully by end of week too.  You can see my hubs & the ladder by the steps...I painted the entire bay window & doors while he did all the cabana's columns.  Looks so lovely now as it was getting pretty worn after 8 years.

I do love to cook and every evening I fixed a feast for my hungry family!  I will be sharing some recipes over the next few days with you as well...some NEW yummies that I've tried out & loved.  This night it was marinated flank steak, broccoli rice, french bread, fruit salad and a zucchini-potato dish (soon to share).

The next night I made 3 kinds of wings (BBQ, Teriyaki & Hot Wings), slaw and roasted potatoes and hot wings on my plate though as my tummy doesn't like them too much.

On Sunday I made a batch of these super yummy & super rich "Strawberry Pudding Cream Cheese Cookies" (recipe here)....she has a lemon version on her site too. They were really good and not too hard to made 2 batches so Alexa took one over to her friend's house where they all got devoured.

In the evenings hubs built a roaring fire and we sat under the cabana & relaxed after a long day of work.  Gotta love modern technology these days between our iPad & Slingbox we can watch TV outside anytime we want.  We actually have a large screen TV that is for the cabana but sometimes we are too lazy to haul it out since we don't leave it outside overnight.  And yes we were watching our Washington Nationals play most evenings ;)

On Monday we were in DC at Nationals Park for a or lose we always have a good time watching our Nats, having family time & eating some good park foods ;)

Alexa & I at the park with our was a beautiful day to root our team on and celebrate and remember those that have served and given their lives for those of us in the US to live freely.

And it was finally hot enough for some shaved ice...mmmmm mine was grape & lime!!

If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw the video I put up of Alexa playing a game at Nationals Park.  She was up on the huge jumbotron for everyone to see and she actually won the game and a Nats Pack.  As we were walking to our seats people were congratulating her and her friends that were there were texting she felt a bit like a minor celebrity for a bit hahahaha!  They asked her what her favorite thing to do at the park was and she answered "EATING" and they asked her what and she said "Grilled Crab Sandwiches" hahaha that answer is soooo Alexa who is always planning her next meal for me to make her!!  Too fun!

So a great weekend & this week I'm off and bopping to the tune of 100 different chores & errands!



  1. Wow, your yard is looking amazing. Love all the colourful flowers! And such yummy looking food too!

  2. You are just too busy, Lady! I love the outdoor living space. I would be there 24/7. Congrats to Alexa on her win at the field. Sounds like it was a ball. No pun intended. :)


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