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Friday, May 16, 2014

Prom Weekend---Yikes!

Its Prom Weekend here at the Dean household!  
This is Alexa's last high school dance (sniff sniff) so I'm sure I will be teary eyed and rocking the sunglasses ALL weekend.  I will of course share pics on Facebook & Instagram if you follow me there (if not & you want to, click links on sidebar)....and then will post more pics on my blog on Monday!  She has a GORGEOUS dress and can't wait to see her all put together.  

Today the gals have their nails done & tomorrow are hair job is to run around taking pictures, zip dresses, find bobby pins and help with any last minute crisis situations that arrive with teen girls getting ready ;)

My mom is up for the weekend to see the gals get ready and have their pictures taken with the group.  Alexa has a date...Luke is a good (cute too..her words haha) friend of her's so I'm sure he will take good care of her and they will have a blast.  I remember my Senior Prom like it was yesterday...which it was not...not even close LOL.  We had ours on a dinner cruise ship that sailed down from Baltimore....we had dinner and dancing on the Chesapeake while the sun set.  It was beautiful and and a memory I will always have....good times.  And that's what I told Alexa, enjoy every moment of this senior year because you can't go back, leave no regrets on the table and have lots of fun with friends.  


If you live near me or are up to the drive....Luckett's has their Annual Spring Market this weekend!
Its a real GOOD time...wish I had time to go but with Prom and baseball my weekend is booked.

LUCKETTS SPRING MARKET IN MAY 2014 – Our annual Spring Market is fast approaching! Our 2014 event will be May 17 & 18 on the grounds surrounding The Old Lucketts Store. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...whatever it is that you are up to!!
See ya Monday!



  1. Enjoy the weekend! Must be so bittersweet!
    My son is in his last year of primary (elementary) school and that is hard for me!

  2. I remember when you were saying it was going to be hard when Alexa's last prom came around! Wasn't that just yesterday? Time is so fast. I wish it could stand still sometimes.


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