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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chipping Away!


One of the things I treat myself to once a week is a handful of chips.  I usually have a hankering for something salty and most days I will have a handful of nuts that are lightly salted because they are good for you (usually almonds, cashews or pistachios are what I have on hand). But I LOVE if I've been good with my eating plan I treat myself to a handful of yummy salted chips.  
My #1 fave are Kettle Chips with sea salt...mmmmmm YUM!

However I have 2 new favorites that I "try" to keep stocked...I mean try because my family usually eats them all up before I have my 2nd handful!

No none of them are Paleo approved...sorry...but I've gone into a more modified version of Paleo. I try to follow it 80% of the week and if I've been good I get a cheat meal and a cheat snack.  So far it has worked well and I've dropped 16 pounds since I started.  Next week I am starting low-impact exercise again now that the doctor says I can. So that means treadmill walks and light weights for a few weeks to get myself going again.  Then I hope to begin my Pilates and Kickboxing again.

OMGosh if you love Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant (like my boys) then you will love these.  They taste just like a hot wing and have just enough kick to keep you interested but not set your entire mouth aflame.  I've had 2 handfuls out of 2 bags because the two boys in my house gobble them up...I might have to hide a bag LOL!

And then there are these Lays Garlic Bread flavored chips.  And yes they are pretty reminiscent of real garlic bread without the warm butter dripping down your chin :)  We discovered these down in South Carolina over Spring Break and were happy to see our local stores now carry them too!  If you can't have the garlic bread this is a good treat to have to get the flavor.

No I don't know how much fat or calories are in 8-10 chips once a week...nor do I care to know LOL!
Everything in moderation.....

And when I have a sugar hankering I either eat a square of dark chocolate or have some
Gummi Bears.  The dark chocolate is GOOD for you & the Gummi Bears have few calories and no fat.  I love this brand of gummies the best...they are a bit more chewy than others so they keep your mouth busier longer.  That means you eat less of them....I think!

What is your favorite treat to eat?



  1. Pistachios are one of my fav salty snacks and for sweet I love the Lifesavers Gummies.

    1. I have a small handful of nuts everyday...usually pistachios or cashews...yummmm

  2. I can't narrow it down to just one! I'm an Aussie so some of my snacks are Aussie : jaffas, freckles, violet crumble ... now I need to stop because I'm getting hungry!

    1. Those snacks are sound hilarious to me...I have never heard of any of them. I do know about Tim-Tams which are yummy and sometimes we can get them here. So share...what are freckles and violet crumble??

  3. Wow! 16 pounds! How long did that take? I just downloaded an app for it. Can't wait to learn more about it.

  4. Wow! 16 pounds! How long did that take you? I'm going to give it a try, definitely need to do something.

    1. Hi Judy----it took me about 10 weeks total to get rid of the 16 lbs...still have 10 more to go but hoping that exercise will help with that now that I can get active again. Good luck!

  5. There is no way you need to lose another 10 pounds, you look great now. I need to do something right away. Meds I am taking from being diagnosed with epilepsy, and that I'm in my 40's and that I like Doritos are flipping out my body. Time for a change. Good luck on getting back into your exercising.


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