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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chalk It Up!

FED UP......

I have been wanting to paint our coffee table for a year now...had the paint since summer...but never had a good time.  Well you know when you get in that mood and you are just sooooo sick of it?  
Yeah I had that in the midst of vacuuming the family room on Sunday.  
I whipped out the paint and got to it.  

Hubby came in from mowing the lawn and was like "ummm what are you doing right now?" LOL!
I LOVE that response because it means I'm keeping things kilter...much more fun that way ;)

I only got the top done hahahaha but I wanted to share with you how much I love it! I have to do the bottom this week but I ran out of steam and time....the rest of the wood will be left alone for a 2-tone look.  Although the top took only 1 hour with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  One coat of dark wax then sanded it a bit and then 1 coat of clear wax.  I love the weathered white look...definitely an improvement and lightens things up.  See the bottom of the table?  Yeah that's what the top looked like!  My one dog Casey likes to sleep under the table especially during thunder storms..oy!  And the top got banged up well in the past 10 years by kids and feet and electronics. So it needed a repair job badly!

Now that I've gotten started and saw how easy it was to do I'm eyeing my media center.  I'd really love a new one but with us moving in another year or so I don't want to commit to anything yet.  So I think I'm going to paint it to match and build a center bridge for the new TV to sit on (I hate the temp black/glass thing we have ughhhh) and get new knobs.  I think I can do it easily in a weekend...right? hahahahaha!  PS: the green blankie stays on the chair during day for kitty naps...easy to clean up kitty fur KWIM?

I really am in love with how it turned out and how freaking easy it was...seeing that I just went at it with no planning really!

Big improvement yes????
Best thing about chalk paint is you don't have to prime or sand beforehand UNLESS you are covering up a super dark color and want to minimize coats of paint. This took 2 coats of paint and it dried super quick.

See that glass monstrosity that the TV is sitting on...yeah..I hate it. So its going as soon as I draw out plans for a simple bridge with 2 shelves and build it with the help of Lowes.  They will cut all your wood for you if you have no big saws like meeeee and are afraid of them (don't ask but it has to do with 7th grade shop class). Well we will see how it goes because I will honest about how I do.
Like how I'm showing you how awful it is right now...oy vey!

Have you used Chalk Paint yet?  Do you love it like me???



  1. Wow, that is awesome, Suzanne! Never tried chalk paint before. Has a bit of vintage style and really brightens up the room.

  2. HUGE improvement, now to complete the rest of it. Will look fabulous!


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