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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Read A Book...or Two!

Need some good reads.....

While I have been recovering from surgery I haven't been able to read much.  The meds make me super foggy especially in the evenings and I just couldn't concentrate much.  However I have been increasing my reading time the past couple of weeks which is nice.  I've been reading the best series of books by a great author.  They aren't heavy or difficult reads but nice page-turners that make you feel good.
So I thought I would share both of the series with you case you want to read them too!

The series is called "The Cobbled Court Quilt Series" by Marie Bostwick.  There are 6 books in this series and I'm currently finishing up the last one that just came out.  I've thoroughly enjoyed them all and the first book in the series "A Single Thread" (linked above) is on sale for only $2.51 at Amazon!!

Up at Butternut Lake: A Novel

 And another book that will be part of a trilogy I finished up was "Up At Butternut Lake" by Mary McNear...really great read as well!  Again nothing too intense because I'm not up for intense books yet or too many story lines while I'm on meds LOL!  Definitely an easy light read for Spring/Summer.  The next book in the trilogy comes out in August a head's up!

Happy Reading!



  1. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne. I'm always on the lookout for good read other than those that are in the BookEndz group on your CMC site. There isn't one I've come across that I haven't loved that you suggested. Happy reading...

  2. Thanks for the book recs! The first series takes place in my home state of CT :-)

  3. I always love your book suggestions. Glad you're feeling well enough to read some more!


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