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Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Rent It!

Have you ever rented your clothes or handbags?  
I haven't in the past but I love the idea of it.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dress you may not wear again or even have a chance to wear again depending on the event.  I'd rather invest $40-50 to wear a fabulous dress and save my money to spend on great shoes or travel LOL! 

So I wanted to try it out for myself and Alexa to see how it goes.  I've heard lots of good things about "Rent the Runway" so decided we'd try them out.  I've always wanted to wear a Badgley Mischka dress so now's my chance for a whole LOT less.  

We've picked out a couple of selections we have our eyes on (below), but you sort by the date of your event and then you can rent for 4-8 days.  I recommend putting the day BEFORE your event just in eats up a rental day but for the peace of mind its worth it I think. 
Then they dry-clean it for you just pack it back up and send it back in the pre-paid envelope.  

Make sure to read the "HOW IT WORKS" section too so you understand it all!

Sounds good to me...I'm going to try it out and see how it goes.  
So I will definitely give you a REAL review once we have.  But I thought I'd mention it because I know a lot of us have graduations, weddings and spring events to go to and it can get pricey finding things to wear.  
For $40 I'm so in, even if its only once to try out.


Alexa has to wear a white dress for her graduation and we've seen some cute ones but some of them are over $200...ummm no!  So she picked out one she loves and I picked out one I love from this site, and we will each have a back up on hand just in case the fit is off or it just doesn't look right LOL.

So this is a Jill Stuart dress for rent for $60...gorgeous material, great details and the style 
suits Alexa's body well.

I mean you can rent a GORGEOUS Valentino dress for $100 for 4 days...for whatever your event it may be TOTALLY worth it!

And I love this Rachel Roy dress for her graduation at a rental rate of $40 for 4 days. Great length, love the gathering of material and it is sleeveless...oh and its their school blue, um can you say school spirit hahahaha?  I've tried on Rachel Roy dresses in the past and they fit fabulously so I know what size to get for this.
However you can get a second size of the same dress sent to you for extra rental fees..bonus!
Make sure to read the SIZE & FIT NOTES too...they are tips about how the dress fit by real women, not stick models ok?

I mean we should all have an Angelina Jolie moment at least once in our lives yes?
I would so rock this dress in my favorite red, by Halston and love the one-shoulder look!

Anyway thought I'd share that with you...will let you know how it goes when its graduations time in June. Course I may need to wear a bib over my dress for all the tears I'm gonna boo-hoo that day LOL!

If you've tried it or want to try it, let me know...I'd love to hear more reviews!!!



  1. What a fabulous idea! I've shopped at consignment stores just for the reason that I know I will never wear the dress but once and then return to put it back on consignment. LOL
    Let us know how it works out for you...

  2. I just love that white dress for Alexa!!!

  3. What a great idea - can't wait to see what you pick out!

  4. My daughter rented her wedding rehearsal dress and accessories and was ver happy with Rent the Runway.


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