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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prom Recap!

PROM 2014

Alexa had her last prom on Saturday evening and it was Gatsby themed.  According to all the stories I heard a good time was had by all.  They went for Japanese before the dance and afterwards she went to a girlfriend's house along with 10 other girls for a sleepover.  Sunday she was part zombie hahahaha!  

Definitely bittersweet to know that we won't have any more GIRLY homecomings or proms in our house unless my son lets me dress him up for fun....and that ain't happening LOL!  Hoping he decides to go to prom next year for his junior year...we shall see.

So thought I'd share my pictures with you in case you missed them on 
lots of pictures below!

Alexa looked stunning in this beautiful indigo colored dress.  It fit her perfectly with no tailoring and the color just lit her face up beautifully.  Course I'm a biased momma ;)

The back of the dress was just as fabulous as the front....looked good coming & going!

My hairstylist did a great job with Alexa's hair to match the photo Alexa brought in!  It was so intricately done that it took Alexa forever to get it undone after the dance, LOL....that means it was dance & jump proof!

And yep the hubs was a little teary eyed seeing Alexa all dolled up for prom!

My mom was able to come up for the weekend for Alexa's last prom.  She's come up for all the High School dances so it was kind of sad to think was the last one...sniff sniff.

Alexa and I....I'm not one for being in front of the camera like she is LOL! 
I prefer to be the picture--TAKER!

Alexa and Grace have been best buds since 5th grade.  Hard to believe these gals will be off to college in a couple of months.  So proud of them both...beautiful INSIDE & outside.

Alexa and her date Luke...they looked so cute together...although they are just "friends" as my daughter likes to repeat!  She had a bit of trouble with that boutonniere so mom had to help out ;)

Alexa with the group of friends that all went to dinner together.  This group was much more manageable than last year's 40 kids...ay yi yi.  Love seeing the girls in all their pretty colored dresses and smiling!

And this is how prom girl rocked it on Sunday....can you say zombied out hahahaha!
Just keepin' it REAL!

Next big event for us....GRADUATION and Grad Party!!



  1. Beautiful girl, beautiful dress. A night to remember. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Edie...she had a blast & making memories is what its all about! Hugs~

  2. How beautiful! What an exciting time! I wish we still had an excuse to get all dolled up like that, lol! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, Suzanne!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Thanks Abby! Definitely very bittersweet...I want to smoosh them back down to 5 yr olds some days I tell ya! It just goes by soooo fast!! Hugs~

  3. She is a gorgeous girl, Suzanne! Brought back some prom memories of my own :-) Glad she had a good time!

  4. Beautiful girl, gorgeous dress but had to laugh at the day after picture. She sure looked tired. Your pictures turned out well and will be good for scrapbooking for future reference. Edna

  5. Indigo is right; not violet, not blue. What a lovely dress and the back is a beautiful surprise. Alexa looks gorgeous! All the young adults look fabulous in their Prom attire. So glad to hear they had a great time.

  6. Gorgeous pics! And gorgeous girl! You must be so proud!

  7. Beautiful dress and a beautiful daughter! You must have all kinds of mixed emotions right now.


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