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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Southern Fried!

Corn done the SOUTHERN Way!!
Southern Fried heard of it?
Nooo? Well you need to try it!!

Most people here in Virginia or my friends out west look at me oddly when I say 
I'm cooking this for dinner.  It is one of my FAVORITE ways to eat day old corn or cooked corn from the night before.  
I grew up eating it and have NO idea where it originated but we love it!

I had a lot of of leftover cooked corn but you could use fresh corn as well in your dish.
You want to cut the corn off the cob as cleanly as possible.  Get every tasty kernel that you can!

I love this kitchen gadget from the Pampered Chef that scales the kernels off of corn quickly & easily.
Mine is quite a few years old so not sure if they still sell it...but if you find one and you eat a lot of need it ;)  Makes the job quick for ya!

Then gather your many!

Ground Pepper
(the real stuff if you are like me)
Kosher Salt
Optional: any other ingredients you choose

I like to keep it simple...nothing that over powers the sweet flavor of the corn.

Get all those kernels of corn in a saute pan, add 2 TBS of butter (to start),
sprinkle some Kosher Salt and Ground Pepper to taste and start cooking on Med/High Heat.

Your goal is to get the corn slightly crispy and brown...mmmmm all those little bits of goodness scraped from the pan.  Add more butter as needed.  I don't like to cook it too fast or on too high of heat...a slower cooking is better.  Scrape the corn from bottom of pan as needed and keep cooking!

Its a yummy side dish especially good with Barbecue Dishes!
So go on...get your Southern Fried apron on and try it!!

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  1. Looks delicious and I love the gadget!

  2. I love making this corn. I add peppers and fried bacon pieces with a jalapeƱo pepper for a kick!! Soooo good!


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