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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Mirror!

Thrifty UpCycle
I've shared my love of "junkin" as I call it...visiting thrift stores, antique stores, Habitat Humanity ReStores.  I'm always looking for a few things but they must be fairly inexpensive..that means once I buy it and fix it up it should be cheaper than anything I can buy already done or just better period.  That's the THRILL for me...making an item into something fabulous on the CHEAP.  
We call that a "thrifty upcycle" you are basically recycling and renewing an item..and saving money...and helping Mother Earth.

I got this beauty for $10 at a junk store in Purcellville while visiting my buddy Marti last week.
I love the size and the ironwork in the frame of this mirror.  I knew it would be even more
beautiful with some metallics added...really make it SHINE!

So I taped off the mirror well and set it up in my Spray Box...a UPS box split open on one side.
Its rustic but it works well...don't knock it ;)
This mirror only took 3 coats of the Rust-o-leum Aged Bronze Spray.
I didn't go with Gold because it just was TOO...TOO much know what I mean?
Too gold and shiny for where I wanted to put it anywho.

And this is that mirror now...beautifully metallic in Aged Bronze and fits in with all my other accessories!

This is my foyer table area and I've been looking for something to hang here for the longest time.
I used to have a floral picture but I got sick of it and gave it away...I don't have a pic of that sorry.
But my demilune table from Ethan Allen has bronzed/gold paint in it and I picked that up with my lamp, picture frame, urn and Metallic Pumpkins (that I made HERE).

I didn't want anything overpowering for this space, something pretty and that reflected the beautiful
light we get in the front of the house.  This mirror was perfect!

And for a total of $14 ($10 mirror + $4 spray paint) I think I got a good deal!!

Just to compare look at these similar mirrors for much, much more...makes me even happier with mine:

$199 at Lamps Plus

$129 at FleaPop

$50 at Etsy

Have you transformed a thrifty buy lately?

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