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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sugar Monster Fun!

Cute right?  Easy as a blink to make and cheap to make...a win/win!
I've made these in the past for the kids and their friends. I never made 100's to give away on Halloween just because where we live its NUTS with how many kids come by. That's wayyy too much work LOL!  But I would make these for a few of the kids besties or for sleepovers.

Supplies Needed:
-long, thin candy bars like Hershey bars
-a great craft glue (I like Best Glue Ever)
-Googly eyes
-Scotch Tape
-crepe streamers in colors (black, white, orange, green, etc)
-optional ink pads

I usually would buy my candy bars in huge packs at Costco..if you have lots to make its more economical. 
However our grocery store had a Buy 2-Get 1 Free Deal last that worked for this project well.  Only thing I bought was google eyes (.89 cents) and candy bars ($3), the rest I had on hand.

Pick a candy bar and a colored crepe streamer to start with.
Obviously you can do this in many colors...use orange streamer for a pumpkin pink for a fun girly monster..whatever your mind dreams up!!
Tape the streamer onto the candy bar..doesn't really matter where...and then just wrap the candy bar as much as you'd like but make sure to wrap in different directions for a fun look.

I like to ink the edges of the crepe streamers to add a bit of dimension to them.
Easy Peasy..take an ink pad in your color of choice and rub around the edges as much as you'd like.
Dirty 'em up a bit!

Glue their eyeballs wherever you'd like...more than one pair if you want to go crazy with it :)
I like to tuck some of the eyes a bit under the streamer wrap too.  My green & black bar is my version of Frankenstein ahahaha, the black one is a Ninja and then some ghosties..but let your imagination SOARRRR and have fun with it!  

But remember to KISS...keep it simple so its fun and easy..and get your kids to help.  Mine "used" to help when they were teens, well...not so much anymore LOL!


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  1. Great idea! My grandkids would love these. Liz S.

  2. OMGoodness Suzanne !! These are too cute.. thanks for sharing


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