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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Treasure Hunting!

Treasure Hunting Time 

 Do you thrift?  Meaning go to thrift shops to search for fun treasures?  I do, in fact the ladies that run the local church thrift shop know me by name, know what I usually look for and will set things aside for me and email me.  Gotta love that!
I like to take Alexa with me sometimes...when I'm in the mood lol...and she helps me hunt for things.  We bring her friends in too and show them what they can find...the other day each of the girls found new Abercrombie sweaters with tags on, never worn for $5 each...those are $50 items usually.  The girls were thrilled...apparently its quite "hipster" and "trendy" amongst teens to get unique items at Thrift Shops that no one else may have as they picked up some cool totes for $3 each too. 
 Guess I'm in style now hahahaha!

I know some people have an issue with things that have been handled before, used or touched.  I don't have that issue and I would never buy anything like undergarments or shoes and I wash everything I bring home really well.  There is so much STUFF in this world...lord knows my family contributes to it and it just doesn't make sense to always buy NEW before at least considering some thrifty finds to mix in. And I also am an antique many cool things out there just waiting for another new home and life!

Now some of you may NOT agree with me and that's ok---
I have a friend that will not go to the library because she refuses to touch books others have touched.
I have another friend who thinks I'm NUTS for thrifting..but same friend came to my house and admired a thrifty find that I redid and had on display...HA!! ;)
I have heard that Nicholas Cage has a phobia to antique furniture because he believes its haunted.
I nicely respond with "it takes ALL kinds to make this world go round eh?" because I'm PC like that! Whatever floats your boat I guess! <wink>

But if you are OPEN to the idea, you can really find some great things.  Another place to stop is Habitat Humanity's REstore shop...we have one in Purcellville.  You can find great things for you home on the cheap...shutters, sinks, faucets, tile, granite, etc.  People that gut or redo their houses donate the old materials and the REstore shops sell it...some amazing deals and some things are almost brand new.

These are my treasures I got the other day for $34.  I'm working on a project I will share soon with old frames..stay tuned.  
NOTHING here will look like it does will be transformed!!
And you dig that bread box? ME TOO...I LOVE IT..$8 was a steal!  Its in my kitchen now but it will be getting a bit of a redo as well...yes I like the wood but I have other ideas for it!

{my photos came from my phone so please forgive me}
The bread box is will hold all our desserts, donuts, rolls, etc.
I have a huge bread drawer in my kitchen so this will be used for other pastries :)

These beautiful mirrors were $6 each...yes the frames are pretty if you are looking for that style.
I however have other ideas for them...stay tuned.  But for $18 it was pretty good deal!

So I have some fun projects to work on next week and get photographed and I will
be sharing them with you all next week!

Do you Thrift Shop?
What has been your favorite find so far?



  1. At Goodwill, a new Vera Bradley purse still with tags $2.50. I brought it home,hand washed it and checked the price on line $79.00.

  2. I love to go to flea markets and thrift stores. I just bought 8 dinner plates in perfect condition, that goes with my set, for .99 cents each!

  3. Some good stuff there...looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Liz S.


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