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Monday, September 16, 2013

Recycled Fall Wreath DIY!

Its Fall Y'all!!
If you've been into any of your local craft stores you have probably seen or drooled over some of the beautiful fall wreaths hanging in the stores.  I know I have at least...but at $80+ its a bit much for me to spend.  And I'm always eyeballing things to see if its something I can easily make.  Sometimes its not worth the trouble and products you have to buy but I at least give it a thought.

And I knew I could make a fall wreath easily...I made this wreath in under 40 mins for under $15 on my kitchen counter with some new supplies and some that I already had on hand.  I used an old wreath that I had that was falling apart and I snipped out some pieces and blooms that I liked.
Wreath Recycling I like to call it!

And this is what I came up will hang over my sink on my triple windows.
The grapevine wreath frame I already had as part of a "great buy" I got a year ago at JoAnns but you can buy them in different sizes and styles for under $12 with a coupon maybe even cheaper. Check around your stores and see what you can get.

I like to work in my kitchen...I have lots of counters and I can spread out...I like to be messy and lay everything out so I can see it.  Plus my studio was kinda in a mess...I was working on a papercraft project that you can see there was no room LOL.

New Supplies I Bought:  2 Hydrangea Stems & 2 Sunflower Stems at 50% off plus a 25% coupon so it was a great price for both. Price was $12 for all 4.
What I Had On Hand:  floral wire, grapevine wreath, twine, 1 fall leaf garland, flowers from old wreath, and ribbon

RECYCLE TIP:  take apart old wreathes, bouquets or candle rings and take the parts that you want out of it..I save all these things in a large rubbermaid bin because I KNOW I will eventually use the bits & pieces..I KNOW IT :) It saves you when you want to do projects like this big time and its RECYCLING which we all know is a good thing!  Even thrift stores or yard sales are a good source for faux florals for cheap...I saw a huge candle ring floral arrangement at my thrift store for only $8 and it probably had $50 worth of flowers in it.  Or use dried flowers from your garden...I dry my hydrangeas every year in my garage and use them around the house but the ones I had clipped weren't quite ready so I resorted to these faux blooms this time.

I cut all my stems and garland into usable pieces and start tucking them into the wreath.
I like to move things around till I get them where they look best including the ribbon.
Then I flip the wreath over...very carefully...and start securing each of the stems to the back of the wreath. (pic is from phone sorry)

I wrap my floral wire around the stems very tightly and then secure them to the wreath frame the best that I can including my ribbon bow that I made myself with the Large Bow Easy.
I use wired ribbon for wreathes as its easy to ripple it and put it where you need it in a wreath...keeps its shape nicely too.

Once you have secured everything flip it back over and adjust as needed.

Then I use twine to add a hanger to the back that I can easily slip into my window seal to hang.

I find it extremely hard to take pics of things on windows...but I got a new Canon Rebel T51 from my hubby (thanks hubby) and I will be learning in my classes how to do this better.
But for now this is what I have for you...bear with me :)
The wreath hangs over my sink for fall...I don't like too much on my windows because it looks into the backyard and woods and I hate to spoil the view with lots of clutter.

And that's how easy it is....don't spend a ton of money on supplies...sniff around your supplies and garden and craft stuffs and pull it all together.  RECYCLE something!

Fall is sneaking into my decor daily...what is your favorite fall decor item in your home?

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  1. Gorgeous Suzanne! It is funny I made a wreath this weekend too! I was dying to try one of those burlap wreaths, love the natural look of them. Well I did it and love the way it came out, I will have to post it to my blog later!

  2. Love your fall wreath, very pretty.

  3. WOW! Gorgeous wreath, Suzanne!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Love the fall colors!! I haven't done much fall decorating yet but you are inspiring me. ;-)

  4. Cute! Love this blog! I've had my fall decos out since the 1st of September. Love fall, Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.

  5. This is nicer than anything you could buy! I live in a country where there are 2 seasons - Winter and July (which is a blood relative of winter) ergo an Autumn decoration would be up for a day if I was lucky! Lyns xx

  6. Gorgeous wreath Suzanne!! Love the boldness of the flowers! Thank you so much for linking up your fall inspired wreath Get Your DIY On. I hope you'll join us tomorrow with your thrifty upcycle to link up!!


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