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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crazy Woman!

Crazy Woman and the Hot Mess!
This is not pretty friends...take a deep breath and walk with me...

These are the stairs to our finished basement...the first half of them.
Lovely yes?

Here is the landing and the rest of the stairs leading down to the basement foyer.
More lovely yes?

Here is the basement foyer and my one cat Snowbell...she looks about as
thrilled as I am currently with the state of things.

That's what I call a hot mess folks...state of between project mess!
I have been wanting to rid this area of cream berber carpet for YEARS...cream carpet with teens and 8 animals...NUTSY I tell ya!  It was always dirty looking even 10 mins after steam cleaning it ugh!
We didn't choose it, it was already in when we bought the house half finished.  But there has always been something else to put $$ towards or do elsewhere you know.  One of THOSE kinda things!

Until Suzanne got fed up one day after cleaning it and a cat promptly went down and PUKED, yeah 8 animals ain't pretty folks I tell ya!  Some days I yell and scream WHYYYYY and then I see their cute faces and remember. BUT for a moment I want to chase them all out of the house immediately or put them in a bubble so they can't touch anything!

One pile of old carpet and pad...I'm sure trash guys weren't thrilled with me today!
So I started ripping carpet like a woman gone mad! I'm pretty sure I was muttering and cussing while doing this as NONE of the animals were around...and they are nosy lil' butts...but they were SCARED..I had crazy woman face on and they KNOW to stay far, far away ;)

Then the hubster came home and the look on his face...well it was just priceless.
He says "sooooo did you get in a fight with the stairs and carpet or what?" ahahaha...I said "oh yeah and I FINALLY won".  I think I won...will let you know when I'm all done!
So he took it upon himself to finish the nasty job for me yesterday him!
Saved me my pain in my back that's for sure.

Sooooo do I have a plan...puh-leeze...of course I do (cue hubby's scared face).
It involves a sander and some other fun you have to wait to see what I'm doing.
Hope to have it complete in 2 weeks...that is my goal anywho.  And that includes repainting the hallways in a shade just a hair lighter, repainting trim and caulking and hanging new photos along with the stair fix...lots to do...sighhhhh..but I know I will love it when its done yes????

Until then we live with the hot mess ;)

Ever get sooooo fed up with something you just charge and start ripping or reorganizing right that moment??  I've had many of those moments lately!



  1. Oh, yeah!!! I got lucky and found an all-around handyman this summer so I was able to get a lot of things that were irritating me replaced or repaired. A couple months ago I saw a spider (gasp, no spiders allowed)in my office/grandkids toy room and literally emptied out the room hunting and spraying for that one spider, so I decided that room need a coat of paint and general updating. Liz S.

  2. Oh girlfriend I am sitting here LMBO. You crack me up. I can just see you now muttering and pulling up the carpet. You go girl!!!! I love James' attitude.....of course he has lived with you long enough to just smile, shake his head, and then get onto the job at hand. LOL Can't wait to see the finished product. <2

    1. Well you know me, I jump and leap into something as soon as the thought quivers across my brain LOL! Poor James but sometimes its the ONLY way to get him to move on something ;)

  3. LOL! Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and just doing it. I can't wait to see what you do...

  4. Oh too funny!! Well, not really funny, haha, but funny just the same! I'm sure it will be gorgeous when you're done!! My hubby can't stand a half done project so if I decide to tear something up, I know he'll fix it pretty quick if I can't get it done! But not everyone does!! His cousin used to live in an old home, and the bathroom was a REAL hot mess!!!!! So one Saturday afternoon, I told her we should just start tearing out the pink and black tiles and then Rob will hurry up and remodel it!! So there we are, with hammers and chisels taking down this porcelain tile, gouging walls, oh my gosh, it was a HUGE mess... well, let me tell you, he was SOOOOOO mad at us and he didn't TOUCH it for over a year!!!!! We laugh about it now, but at the time, I sorta felt bad for instigating it! heehee!!

    1. Well every good mess ends with a great story right? LOL I'm the instigator in this house or NOTHING would get done half the time. So I'm left to take the bull by the horns and then hubby HAS to help ;)

  5. You make me smile, laugh, and yes you inspire me!! My whole house is a hot mess! I have Adult ADD and don't know I hid it for so many years......even from myself!!! Also I must confess I am a bit of a proffectionist soul that no longer can get it all done! ( know the type--all or nothing!) Well one day while I was still teaching, about two years ago, I decided like you, that I had had it!!!! My ADD kicked in and instead of pulling out drawers, closets, and cleaning room by room. Oh yes, I did it! I went to every single room and did just that. The ultimate biggest mistake of my life!! LOL@ ME!!!! I did pull all those things out in every room. Needless to say, this year I am not working outside the home. The mess is still there and I am so totally overwhelmed when I walk in the door, that I actually say outloud: "You Are Lookin' Like A Hoarder!" You all may have seen that show! I do have complete sympathy for anyone in that situation. It has to be so overwhelming! The all or nothing is very real. If you like to keep a perfect or close to as you either do it or look around and say..."I can never do this all I sit down and have a cup of coffee and just look at it all there is to do and get nothing done. There is hope for me and everyone else who gets themselves in this predicament!! I am beginning a year of trying to take it step by step. Laughing at myself for the things I come up with to avoid is hilarious!!! Like, I told my husband, " You know I really did do something today; wait a minute, I will think of it. I'm sure I did do SOMETHING!
    He just steps over some piles of things and retreats to his super clean office! Oh well, I love being able to read about you getting things done and it inspires me to actually complete something each day! Shout Out to all those like me. You are not alone and everything is going to be O....K!!!! :)


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