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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nooks & Bitz!

My Fave Fallish Nooks in My House!

I have some nooks and vignettes in my house that I adore...yup I really love 'em.  I'm still working on redoing a few rooms, looking for the "perfect" object for a wall space in some rooms, ripping up carpet, painting...lots going on in my house.  And these vignettes are FALL inspired in colors and style.

But at least some things are DONE and pretty in my house to help make me feel better right?
So I'm focusing on a few of them today that are on my first floor, makes me feel better!

PS--all these pics taken with that new giftie my hubby got me, for no reason other than he loves me...what was it?
A NEW CANON REBEL T51...whoot excited to learn more on how to use it but I'm loving it already :) I got the best hubby in the whole wide world!!


Living Room

I collect old books...not any old books...they have to be special books....have a personal meaning to me.
I collect old Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew books...they were some of my faves growing up.
Or favorite subjects...I have a book called "Suzanne" that my mom found for me from the late 1800's.
I also collect old clocks like this one...all sizes and colors...but just have to be unique and old.
Like my other collections I don't have 500 of anything...I like a few of each scattered around my home.

Two of my favorite toile chairs in my living room...never really sit in them..but they are darn purty ;)

I love all the beautiful sunlight I get in my living room and dining room.  The walls are a creamy yellow and they just glow during the day...makes me happy.  I love light!
Still looking for something on each side of my picture above the years now and I'm STILL looking!  Hmmmppppfffffttt

These faux flowers sit on my coffee table...go faux or go home I say..especially when your cat likes to eat the real stuff.  The picture is of the kids when they were MUCH younger on one of our favorite hikes..I printed it out in sepia for a different look.

This little nook sits behind my family room and in front of my dining room (to left), foyer (to left) and living room (to right).  I've had that jelly cabinet forever and it holds candles, towels and toilet paper for the powder room...fancy schmancy supplies ya know!
And yes there are two of my rooster pictures...I love roosters...classy ones...and never a lot of them.
Don't want anyone thinkin' we live in a Rooster House ya know LOL!

No one really sits in these chairs either...I love chairs...even if they aren't being sat in.
What can I say :)

My current table vignette in my kitchen...because of my crazy cat Tucker I cannot do real flowers much.
He eats isn't me...and I find it highly annoying :(
So I go faux...and this is what I have for the moment...its sure to change soon...I like to change it up regularly.  Yup that metal bowl in background is the cat bowl...I have to have it up high cuz' my doggies eat it..ugh.  Animals are so much fun right? right? RIGHT!?

This is another vignette in my kitchen...yup that's a rooster statue and rooster canister set..told you they sneak up on ya in my house ;)
I love warm colors too...they make me feel cozy and give a homey feeling..I love that.
Golds, dark reds, browns, rusts...yup right up my alley!
I have more cool colors in the upstairs and finished basement...but my main level I like warmth.
I want people to come in my house and feel at home, kick your feet up and have a glass of wine or Coke with me and just HANG OUT!

And here is a look into my dining room from the kitchen.
Its a disaster zone with paint swatches painted on walls (I finally picked a color), 
supplies on the table for new vignettes I'm considering and curtain fabric samples.

Oy Vey...slowly but surely said the turtle to the hare..and I'm listening!!


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  1. It is all beautiful and warm. Love your old books. I loved Nancy Drew books and read everyone of them.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I got to relive Nancy Drew when Alexa was younger..we read the whole series together :)

  2. Suzanne, your home is beautiful. I'm very partial to those warm colors too. Loved the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew books when I was a girl too. I was wondering if you considered putting sconces on each side of the picture over your couch? I was doing a general internet search and saw lots of possibilities that would fit well with your décor.

    1. Thanks so much Judy! I did consider sconces but I have a wreath with sconces in the foyer next to it so I didn't want to repeat it KWIM? I'm considering small mirrors and small floral pics but just haven't clicked on anything yet...frustrating LOL.

  3. Looks great BUT now I have this crazy urge to run around and sit in all your un-sitted-in chairs next time I am over BWAHAHHAHA!!!! My cats eat the flowers too - I may have to go faux as well though Bubba might very well eat those UGH!

    LOVE that jelly cabinet! I'd love to have one of those and a hoosier cabinet...

  4. I love all the beautiful pictures of your lovely home. It reflects the warmth & beauty of your soul. I also love old books & have some from my great grandparents that are super special to me. I also loved to read Nancy Drew mysteries. Oh the memories we cherish.

  5. btw......that new camera takes amazing pictures! Wowie!

  6. Everything looks so very pretty!


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