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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taking Care of Business!


Taking Care of Biznesssss!

Ahhhhh hahahahaha I'm not really talking about human kinda bizness but I am talking about kitty duty.  If you have cats then this post is for you.  If you don't then maybe this won't appeal to you so much LOL.  But after using this particular litter system for a few months and trying it out I felt the need to post SOMETHING about it for any of my readers that have cats.

I have 6 cats...that's a whole lot of litter and litter boxes.  We have 6 boxes in our house....two in the laundry room and 4 in our back basement.  I hate the smell of cat poo and urine so I'm always cleaning a few of my cats will stick their noses up like cats tend to do if the box is too dirty for them.  And I clean the boxes in the laundry room at least 2x a day if not more.  The basement boxes get cleaned once a day as they tend to only use those in the evening.

One thing about traditional boxes is all the litter they use each week between the litter that gets out of the boxes and the litter that you have to scoop to get the yuck out...AND they produce A LOT of litter dust.  I hate always gotta dust and vacuum to clean it up...drives me crazy.  I don't want people to come in my house and immediately KNOW I have cats cuz of the smell so I'm a bit obsessive about it!
So when I heard about these litter boxes from Purina Tidy Cats called "Breeze" and saw they were running a special I decided to get one and try it.  I loved it so much that I now have 3 of them and 3 traditional boxes.  I priced it out as well to see how much we spend on litter and then how much this new system would cost us a month.  It ended up being $3 more a month for 3 of these boxes...which for the ease of them is worth every darn penny and NO SMELL...I love that!

So you have to buy the pellets, they are good for a long time...I change mine out once a month in each box.  I regularly rake them over the box to make sure they get dry...but they leave NO scent when the cats pee on them and NO dust.  The pee goes thru the pellets and thru the grate into a pad below that you need to change (easy to pull out and change) and the pad doesn't allow any smell to leak thru.  So you also need to keep the pads on hand as well.  I change the pads about once a week...I turn the pad around 180 degs in the middle of the week to make sure I get the whole pad used.  The boxes come with a special scoop so you can easily scoop the poop without taking all the pellets with it and the scoop hangs on the side of the box.

There is a $7 off coupon for the complete litter box set HERE...and if your store is like mine and has a SALE on the complete set they will allow you take the $7 off the SALE prize too...whoot!  That's the way to do it.  I got all mine at PetSmart but Petco, Target, Walmart, and other stores carry these if you are interested.

To get my cats used to the boxes I did as the company suggested...I put some pellets in their traditional boxes so they could smell them and get used to the feel.  Within the first day a few of my cats were already using them...and now they all use them.  I plan on replacing 2 more boxes with these and having just 2 traditional boxes.  I LOVE THEM...I love the no dust mess, the no smell factor and they are easier to deal with.  And with 6 cats and 6 boxes they make my life easier.

No I didn't get paid by Purina or receive a free box this is NOT a paid endorsement LOL.  If you've read my other ScrapBitz blog over the past 5+ years you know I don't play that game.  If I don't love it or use it myself you will NEVER hear me talk about it...I am only interested in sharing things I love and that work well.  And I highly recommend this system for cat owners.



  1. This is really interesting even though I don't own any cats. TFS.

  2. Love this system Suzanne. We have been using it for over a year NW and will never go back to regular. They suggest one per cat, we have two cats but one box and it's purrrfect. I change the litter every other Monday, garbage day, and the pee pads weekly. NO ODOR. Yahoo.

    1. Awesome...wish you'd told me about it earlier LOL...I love it!

  3. Hi Suzanne, I have four cats and four litter boxes. I am definitely going to order a couple to try out. I, too, hate the dust. I don't really notice a smell too much because I switched to Fresh Step Multiple Cats and it was so much better than the other brands. But the dust floats everywhere including my lungs and Yuk, you wants to breathe that stuff in. Thanks for sharing this. Two of my cats are 10 yr. old, so hope they adjust to it. I will take your advice though and go a little at a time!

    1. Yeah I hated breathing it in...I could taste it in my mouth even though I tried to hold my breath LOL. NO more of that stuff!


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