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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prettiness for You!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend if you celebrate Memorial Day wherever you live!  We had a great weekend and spent a lot of time as a family.  Alexa & I went to see Kenny Chesney/Eric Church at FedEx Field on Saturday.  I had won front row tix and when we went to pick them up they asked if we'd rather have the sand bar tix right up next to the stage...are you KIDDING ME...ummm yes!  So we were one person from the stage and had an amazing time....this weekend we are in the pit for my "love" Tim McGraw & all his hotness LOL!!

 Pretty Pretty!

I love fresh flowers...I think they can be a frivolous expense as they can be pricey but sometimes its nice to just have some pretty flowers in the house right?  Sometimes I'll pick up some tulips or roses at Costco if I feel in the mood.  BUT I have a BIG of our cats Tucker aka "Trouble" likes to EAT them.  And I mean he can smell them a mile away, in 2 secs he's on them and shredding them....drives me nutters.  So I have to be strategic where I put them...behind closed doors or wayyyyyy up high.  And now that my flower beds are in bloom I have been plucking a few each week to display in the house.  I'm so happy my flowers have matured so I can now cut flowers off of them for the house.

 This is one of five Knockout Rose bushes I have around my house.  I love
them because they are very hardy and bloom thru October.  The key is to cut them back after every full bloom and they will keep producing.  They smell delicious too!

I took my clippers and a basket outside and clipped quite a grouping...enough for 4 bouquets in the house.

I like to call this my Redneck Bouquet LOL...a few blooms in my Redneck Wine glass
on my kitchen window sill.  You don't always have to have fancy vases or a ton of blooms for a 
pretty bouquet.  A few blooms and something to hold water and you're set!

I love round vases...sometimes I put flower crystals in the bottom for sparkle.
With the round vases you need to strip the leaves off and cut down the stems then pack them in to create a full bouquet.  This one sits on my sidetable in my bedroom...behind CLOSED doors so Tucker cannot eat them LOL.

This one I had sitting on my table in my living room.  The cats don't venture in here much and I was able to have them there for 4 days before Tucker found them...errrr sniffed them out LOL but by that time they were pretty much done in.  This is a Southern Living vase with a ceramic frog top to place your stems thru.

And I had enough for one more bouquet in my powder room...another Southern Living container fitted with a small plastic container to hold water.  This powder room door stays shut most of the of our cats (Millie) liked to go in and flush the toilet over & over...yeah the cats are a bunch of fun sometimes eh? LOL!  So I was able to have a small bouquet on the back of the toilet!

So there ya go...some prettieness for you!  Even if you don't have any large rose bushes or flower beds you can still make some bouquets.  I like to clip spring green tree branches and arrange them in long vases...they give a nice impact as well.  Or buy a bunch of flowers and divvy them up into a few smaller bouquets to stretch them out!

We ALL deserve some prettiness in our lives yes?



  1. Pretty roses and love your arrangements, Suzanne! You're inspiring me to trim some of the roses in my yard and fill some vases. I probably should do it soon as the weather is heating up and I'm sure the roses won't be blooming so prolifically. They're like me and not very happy with triple digit temps! :(

    1. When there are so many it seems a shame to let them all just die out there when they can be pretty-ing up the house right? LOL...but yes the heat will start to limit the amount of blooms for sure! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much Suzanne, I have no garden, so I do appreciate you sharing your picking with us. The all look gorgeous in the holders,fabulous idea using different things to showcase them, I can almost smell them from here:O), I was looking at them in the large photos :). You not only create beauty in your craft room but the whole house, lovely. Have a wonderful day. Good luck with Tucker heheh..

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! I love flowers and love the smell of them, so I try to put them in the house when I can. I can't wait till my lilac blooms..that's my fave smell in the whole world :) Have a great weekend!


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