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Friday, May 17, 2013

Runaway Time!

Happy TGIFriday!  Sorry I have lots of posts planned and projects in-process but nothing completed yet.  Its prom-festivity weekend and my mom is coming for a visit so I've been busy trying to get my work done and chores done.  And hubby is away until tomorrow night in Boston so its just me here trying to man the homestead LOL.  Time doth' run away from me lately!

Sooooo that has not given me much time to finish ongoing projects and get blog posts done!  But I promise next week to have some goods up here for you all.  End of school year is tough on parents and especially when your kids get into high school like mine.  Its been nothing but chorus rehearsals, AP exam reviews, tests, projects, field trips, prom stuff, etc....I'm tired and I'm not even IN school! Oy!  June 6th is last day of school...that is my mantra...I keep repeating it LOL!  Then in August I will be repeating Sept 4th is first day of school...I cannot wait...LOL!  And I will get to say I have a senior and a sophomore in High School...I don't know that I like saying that so much :(

Anywho here's a few pics of stuffs that has been going on:

Cleaned out my walk-in above are what I'm giving away.  I was holding onto so much stuff that was years old, wrong sizes, not in style anymore and for WHY? LOL! So that chore was finally done...not for the faint of heart that's for sure and took me a few hours.

Got my new family room furniture in...after 10 years our other couches had given out!  Still searching for a chair for other large chair (not in pic) is only a few years old and holding up great.  My chair fits me and 2 dogs and a few cats and is a recliner...its where I blog from each night :)

Broke two of my toes on my right foot tonight...just recovered from a broken toe..the universe seems to NOT be on my side lately.  I've broken them so many times that they are just numb most of the time...but thank goodness for sandal weather.   I had just gotten a pedicure with Alexa today (I'm the aqua that Essie color) and Alexa got a sparkly nude for prom!

Still working on backyard projects and next up is my mudroom...then we will move downstairs to finish up Riley's bedroom.  And of course many more projects down the line to come....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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  1. Wow that is a big pile of clothes you are giving away. So sorry you broke your toes. I broke my little toe on my left foot last month and that hurt like crazy.


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