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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coral Me Happy!

I like pretty things.  I like coordination and symmetry.  I like flowers and summer and sun and fun. And as much as I love decorating INSIDE my house, I love decorating the OUTSIDE just as much!  So when Spring arrives and nice weather with will find me outside most days doing some kind of project on my patio or in my gardens.  I have quite a few OUTSIDE projects coming your way but today I will just share ONE...don't want to overwhelm anyone ;)

We have a lovely patio table that we've had for years.  And although our backyard gets afternoon shade we do get full sun for the first part of the day.  That means our table needs the umbrella over it during those times when the sun is beating down.  So we have an umbrella pole sticking out of the center of the table...we keep it in all the time so we can easily pop on the umbrella when needed.  But it creates issues for me as I cannot center ANYTHING on the table...not planters, candles, NOTHING...arghhhh drives me crazy.  Because I like symmetry & balance...period...I'm anal that way LOL!

Yup there is that darn pole in the middle of the table that tries to drive me nuts.
But NOT anymore...ha ha ha!

I'd seen this project somewhere on Pinterest months ago and was so excited I literally squealed in my chair!  And I could NOT wait to execute my own version.  They had used a plastic bundt pan that they got from a garage sale on the cheap.  Well I visited Walmart and got a heavier metal pan for $5.  Some newpaper and Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint (good on plastic, wood & metals) from Lowes and I was all set to go.

On a nice sunny day I spray painted the bundt pan with 3 coats of white spray paint letting each coat dry for about an hour each coat.  I did one side and then the inside of the pan.  I chose white so that no matter what color scheme I decide to go with on my patio it will always match.  But the spray paint comes in so many colors that you can go to color-town if you'd like! :)

My new patio tableware is a new purchase from Target.  I have an obsession with tableware as stated in other posts on this blog.  I buy some new "stuffs" every year....or so.  In fact my husband was literally GROANING out loud as I pondered the various goodies Target had to offer for the patio this spring.  Should I do yellow, or blue or coral?  Hey, that's a BIG decision for me!  I chose this coral pattern that has sage greens and butter yellows in it because it goes with my patio pillows and cushions.  I bought the plates, salad plates, some bowls, a serving platter, glasses and a divided serving plate.  It all just makes me soooo happy...pretty colors, pretty dishes...just makes me SMILE!

I set the table as though I were having some friends over for a dessert garden party to take these pictures.  The neighbor's landscapers were watching me set up and take pictures and I'm pretty sure they thought I was TOTALLY NUTTERS when I cleaned it all up with no guests ever having arrived...ahahahaha!  

I filled my planter with some organic potting soil and then petunias and geraniums in a pretty coral color.  I got all these flowers plus a few more for only $6!!  I love the way this looks and if I want different color flowers (I'm thinking red & white for the 4th of July) is super easy to pull these out and plant in another pot and add new ones!

I will share more pics of our outside patio area real soon!  I finally got some good pictures with everything in bloom that I cannot wait to stay tuned for that.


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What outdoor projects are you planning on this summer?

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  1. What a great idea! Your table looks SO pretty. I had to PIN it. You had me cracking up about what your neighbor's landscapers must have been thinking. Too funny.

    1. Thanks June...I'm pretty sure they really thought I was neighbors know me well enough to know EXACTLY what I was up to though hee hee!

  2. Absolutely Stunning Suzanne!!!!!! You pics should be in Home & Garden. Have a great sunny day :)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :-) So inviting.

  4. Totally creative and very pretty, Suzanne. I just love your outdoor patio. Looks so relaxing and inviting!

    We are in construction mode near our pond. Just finished the retaining wall to give us a nice flat area for the patio and outdoor fire place. Should be done in time for July 4 entertaining.
    Cathy Lee

    1. Sounds like you will have a beautiful area real soon! We love ours and spend as much time out there as we can!! Enjoy Cathy!

  5. What a great idea! Sorry, but I'll have to put in fake flowers, because I have a brown thumb:( I'm an American of Japanese descent, but who knows where those gardening genes went:) Since you're so good at gardening, can you please give me some suggestions for planting something low maintenance, but beautiful all year long for the front of my house? It would be a border by the sidewalk and my small front lawn. Right now it's just sprinklers and dirt. It's about 3 feet deep and 30 or more feet long. Thanks ... Lucy

    1. You made me LOL Lucy...I'm not sure I'm a gardening pro but I try hard ;) It really depends on what size you want? Knockout roses are extremely hardy and easy to maintain...just keep them clipped to the size you want once a year (fall usually) and they bloom thru the first frost. Also Spirea are really nice and come in different variety of leaves and green colors and easy maintenance too. We also like burning bushes, nice size and get flaming red in fall. Just pay attention to the size a shrub/flower matures to..that's important and of course if that area is shaded or gets full sun when picking out your plants.

  6. What a great idea to use as decorative table party favors.

  7. What a great idea to use as decorative table party favors.

  8. Beautiful table setting! Fabulous idea with the bundt pan. The pole in table thing bugs me also, lol! I may give this a try!

  9. What a great idea and your table is so pretty. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  10. Great idea and easy to accomplish. Thank you for sharing.


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