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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Birthday Story!

A Birthday Story! 

So Thursday kicked off my birthday weekend...I like to tell the family I get TWO back-2-back weekends all about ME because Mother's Day is next week too, hee hee.  Works for me!!
 And I RARELY take off of work...I work from home so its just hard you know...but I took off Thursday and Friday....I really did (I did work out though...shhhh)!  Saturday I did clean the house and do some laundry and ran errands with the hubby.  Today we are out in the yard doing some gardening and then grilling out for dinner.....its been a great weekend!!  I am blessed with wonderful friends and a fabulous family in my life...I'm a very lucky girl!

We went to DC on Thursday night for a Washington Capitals hockey playoff game against the NY Rangers.  We stopped off to have some Chicago Pizza beforehand...I didn't eat makes me horribly sick so I refrained LOL (but it sure smelled good...note the other diners in red...yeah cuz Caps fans rock the RED all the time). 

The teens were with us of course...we cannot escape them...they are everywhere LOL.  That's Riley's bestie on the left, Tariq.  You will see him in lots of our pics...he's my other child too...I have a ton of children I didn't birth it seems and they are always with us...can't shake em ;)

And our seats are front row-center on the ice...nothing like it...INTENSE...LOUD...and so much fun!
And YES YES YES the Capitals won...and they won on Saturday too....whoot!  Stanley Cup here we come....PLEEEEEEASE LOL!

My Design Team kicked off my birthday with a fun blog hop....err roast...I mean toast LOL!
And they sent me some pretty gifties too!  Love those girls so much!

Me & Alexa before going out for my birthday dinner!

My favorite restaurant in Leesburg is Lightfoot...I love it...always good!  Its in a very old bank and the building is just beautiful and we always get the same waiter too.  But the food is BETTER! This is my favorite...Oysters one does them better and trust me I've tried them in MANY places around the US.  They put some Sambuca in there and it gives it a kick!

Then I finish it off with filet mignon (medium rare, I like it to be pretty rare...anything more is a disgrace to the meat LOL) topped with crab meat and hollandaise sauce....yummers.  And one of my fave veggies asparagus!

And guess what???  I got a box....hmmmmmmmm?

Guess what I got TWO boxes from hubby....yup TWO...OMGEEEEE!

Yep, he got me my earrings...that I blogged about...I might have emailed him the link a "few" times hee hee...but he got the hint!  Whoooohooo, I love them even more ON ME :)

And he went one better...he got me the infinity love bracelet too...I LOVE IT!  Just my style...not too flashy and can be worn everyday!  **note the indentations on my arm are from a cuff I had on, I'm not that wrinkled at 39 yet sheesh LOL*

And I finished it off with a Thin Mint Sundae...pretty good...but I only ate half, seeee I was good!

And last night we saw Iron Man 3....let me count the ways I love Robert Downey Jr...I have loved him since the Brat Pack Days.  Loved him on Ally McBeal...loved him thru his down him as a singer.  And he just GETS HOTTER as he ages...phewww wheeeee! LOL!
But seriously, I loved the movie...he makes me laugh...I think I jumped & screamed once...and covered my eyes once or all in all a great movie!
We went to the Alamo Theater here that just was AMAZING....the seats are fabulous, you have a bar in front of you and no one is directly in front or behind you (that means NO ONE CAN KICK YOUR SEAT...just sayin)
Then you have a full menu and waiter to bring you whatever you'd like...whoohooo.
So the Dean clan decided to try a bit of everything hee hee
(wine for me, a cheese plate, warm-made-to-order cookies, bottomless popcorn, gummies, pretzels & milkshakes)  yeah we's gots issues LOL!  I loved it...I will be back...hmmm that sounds like Arh-nold huh? :)

So outside the theater they have these sci-fi light games on astro turf.  OMG it was midnight and we were racing around screaming & laughing our heads much fun.  And its great cardio...we did it in twos.  I played everyone and Alexa twice....and I won...IN HEELS no less...cuz I'm awesome like that on my birthday...ahahahahaha!  It was hysterical!

Good Times...that's what its all life with the ones you love, the best way that you can and making the most of each day!!   




  1. I knew he would get you the earrings! LOL! But how cool that he got you that beautiful bracelet, too! Sounds like you had a great time for your birthday! Good on you! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  2. Happiest of birthdays to a very special lady;D You make me smile everyday when I read your blogs ... I can't get over the amount of energy you have!!! You deserve every bit of happiness in your life, because you sure do a heck of a lot for so many people! Thanks so much for sharing ... you make my dark days brighter:)

  3. Love both of your gifts, you sound so happy!

  4. Oh my Suzanne, what beautiful gifts. James did really good!!!! :-) I loved reading about your birthday week-end. I am so happy that you had a wonderful time. Loved reading about the movie. Hmmmmmm no one had sparkling water I see. LMBO. <3

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was just what you asked for. The earrings & bracelet are beautiful:)

  6. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a blast over the weekend! The earrings & bracelet are beautiful :)

  7. Hi Suzanne, so happy that your birthday weekend was so wonderful. And that you got not one, but two little blue boxes. I think James is a keeper!! Glad you had fun!

  8. Wow, sounds fantastic! You are much loved to be surrounded by such wonderful people - and that's a great reflection on you!

  9. OMGoodness, Suzanne, you were definitley treated like a Queen!!! You had an awesome birthday. I'm sending your post to my hubby to give him some ideas for my birthday later this year. :) It looks like so much fun. Don't you just love feelin like a kid again?
    Can't wait to see Ironman myself. Like you, I've always been a big fan of his and he just gets better with age.
    Happy Birthday Hugz,
    Cathy Lee


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