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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Organize It!

Its the New Year...that means a lot of folks (including me) are looking to CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER and get their houses & spaces organized.  I don't know about you but clutter not only clutters my house but it clutters my brain...makes me feel a bit crazy.  I have been known to have huge mini meltdowns when there is too much clutter..whether its on my kitchen table, my closet, my craftroom, wherever.  And then I ATTACK...I will dump everything and go full steam ahead to clean and organize it until it makes me happy again. 

And once you get an organization system in place you have to keep at it and keep adjusting.
Because your needs change over time and you find out what works and doesn't work.

So I linked some of my reorganized projects I did last year below AS WELL as some ideas I've loved and use myself from the web.


I cleaned and decluttered a lot of areas last year so most of the big spaces have been done.
My craft room is always a continuing work in progress because new stuff is always coming in.

So this year I hope to get my basement in order (after the burst pipe flooding) and Riley's bedroom re-do. Finish my basement stairs and painting of those walls.  And to finish up my laundry room finally!
Those are the BIG projects for this year and I will be sharing those and the smaller ones along the way too!

I redid my linen closet  & it still looks GOOD amazingly because I found a system that worked well for me....see it HERE!

I also attacked my pantry which is always a place that I'm working still looks pretty good thankfully...see it HERE.

And I did random drawers in my house including the Homework Drawer and my side table drawers in my bedroom.

I redid the vanity in my bathroom and it looks the on my mission is my hubby's vanity!


More Great Organizational Ideas on the Web:
I love great INEXPENSIVE ways to organize my home...most of these ideas are easy on the wallet but make a huge impact on that war against clutter!

This is a great idea for so MANY things! For cars and other small toys, small displayed items and
in a craft room. Would be great for all those bottles of glitters, flocks and paints!
And made from shoe cool is that.

Pot Lid Storage {via Pinterest}
Great idea for storing those pot lids if you are short on space or just need a new way to store them.
The insides of cabinet doors hold a lot of useful-out-of-the-way space....these are hung small white 3M hooks.  Inexpensive & useful!

Baseball Hat Organizing
My son has a lot of hats...I mean A LOT!  And I've tried many ways to store them and none have worked well...aka he doesn't utilize the system well which means its the wrong system. So when I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to try it because you just easily slide the hat on even if its not a snapback hat..I think I will need 3 hangers and a bunch of shower hooks LOL.

Alexa & I swear by these type of scarf hangers...we both have a lot of scarves and this keeps them organized easily and you can see what you have (mine are organized by color).  These are only $9.99 ...great price for a little organizational help.

I find that I use a lot of those drawer dividers in my home. They can be pricey to purchase if you need a lot. So I buy them in batches and use what I have on hand till I can get more. So I love Jen's idea of using old cereal boxes to create your own, for whatever size you want and make them pretty. Great thrifty recycle :)

I LOVE LOVE this idea by Cassie...I hope to have a batch of time this year to do this (ahaha sureee)! We have so many DVD movies and they take up way too much space, they are always a mess and never in any kind of order.  This would make it much easier on everyone in my house.

Spice Clips 
via Pinterest
Great idea to use those spice clips (like these here) on the inside cabinet doors.
They can be used for so many OTHER things than just spices!

Over-the-Door Shoe Hangers
I love these..inexpensive, easy to use and good for soooo many things!  Take advantage of
that area behind your doors!  Use them for cleaning products, toys, fabric, tools, pantry supplies and of course shoes :)  I use two of them in my craft room for all my paper punches...see pic above. I prefer ones that have clear pockets like these here, but that's up to you of course!

Using Magnets & Metal Sheeting
via Pinterest
Use metal sheets (pre-cut or have cut) and adhere to inside of cupboards with a strong construction adhesive. You can find all kinds of hooks and jars that are magnetic to hold your goodies these days.
Great use of space! These sheets here are 12x12 & inexpensive.

Pinterest is a GREAT source for ideas on organizing your home, car and office.  And of course many bloggers come up with more and more great ideas every day.  I just shared a few of my favorites and some I employ myself in my my home. And I'm ALWAYS look for new ideas that will work for me.
That's what you have to do is find systems/products/ideas that WORK BEST for you. Because it can be beautifully organized but if its hard to keep up or not organized right, you will find yourselves back at Square One...and that's just no fun!



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