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Friday, January 3, 2014

NYC Fun!

The Dean family has taken a wee trip to one of our fave cities in the US...New York City!  We've come up here a lot over the years and we've done a lot of the touristy things but we just enjoy the energy and fun things you can do here.  So while it is VERY COLD and snowy we are having a blast. If you follow me on Facebook I'm sure you've read some of the stories so far....trouble follow me everywhere just because...and lots of laughs ensue as well ;)  We get back late on Sunday and resume work and the real world and school again...aww shucks LOL!  Have a great weekend!

Our view from our room in Times Square BEFORE the snow hit!

That's Riley standing there without his hat on in the middle of snowy Times Square

Me and the teens bundled up at Rockefeller Center in front of the pretty tree.
That is snow not dandruff in our hair btw ;)

Cold ice skaters at Rockefeller while it was snowing!

If you ever come up to the city during the holidays its always worth it to take in the Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall.  Great show & a beautiful theater!

Some of the pretty holiday decorations in NYC...especially pretty in the snow too!

Within 1 hour this is what the sidewalks looked like on Thursday night in NYC.
#Hercules I believe the name was called and he sure brought in the MIGHTY COLD!

I took this pic with my huge lens from our room at 2 am LOL..yup we were still up and enjoying room service cuz that's how we roll.  I had to laugh at the grown man doing snow angels at 2 am in the middle of Times Square :)

View from our room after midnite on Thursday...wee bit snowy. In fact the workers were trying to clear the steps and snowy sidewalks and gave up because as soon as they finished part, the other part had snowed back in...kinda funny to watch.

One of the coolest billboards outside our hotel in Times Square.  It looks like workers are in the building making the Coca-Cola sign...welding and fixing lightbulbs...and then they paint it all in red. LOVED IT!

Here's Alexa on Friday after we forayed out into the cold for a bit...every part of us was frozen.
If I ever get botox I now know what it would feel like to have my forehead lie!
So she huddled in bed WITH all her outdoor gear still on bwahahaha.

And tonight we are heading to Broadway to see "Rock of Ages'...I love going to the of my all time fave things to do!



  1. I went to NYC last year with a group of friends and we saw the decorations and the show at Rockerfeller Center too. Fabulous! We then had dinner, did a little shopping and came home. FUN day!!!! And it wasn't nearly as cold as you experienced, thank goodness:):)


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