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Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Belly Pleasers!

Happy 2014 everyone! 
 Hope your new year has started off well, you've made your resolutions and goals and are looking forward to a fresh, happy & healthy new year!  I know a lot of you are suffering from this Polar Vortex weather system...sounds like a word in a Thor movie if you ask me...and its COLD here in Virginia.  Supposed to feel like 20 below tomorrow and I'm not digging it, it can go back to the South Pole for all I care...I'm ready for spring already.  

However I am thankful to be in my warm house cleaning up Christmas decorations and cooking some good foods this week.  Once I get my Christmas stuff all packed away and the house cleaned good I will have some new projects and posts for goal is by Friday to have all that done.  It takes awhile to pack up all these trees and then clean and I'm not rushing it this the past I've rushed and usually put my back out..not this year. I've learned my lesson :)

So stay tuned for some fun Valentine projects, some new recipes and some more DIY projects. I hope to be in full working mode next week!  But I gathered some recipes for some home-cooked COMFORT FOOD goodness...I included some of my faves, some of my own and some I haven't tried yet.  So if you need some ideas for your winter menus I highly recommend some of these belly-pleasers.



I'm not a big fan of mac-n-cheese...gasp...I guess the kind in a box just turned me
off over the years. But I do highly recommend this one, its the only one I will eat & so easy to cook up!

I'm a BIG fan of Ree aka Pioneer Woman...she's real, down to earth and one of the first blogs I ever started reading years ago.  And her recipes always rock...period. And her Chicken & Dumpling recipes is the BEST I've ever tried hands will thank me and her when you make this me!

I love beef stew in the cold weather months...its hearty and just tastes soooo good when the cold is chilling your bones.  There are lots of recipes out there but this is the basic one I follow...but I add a bit of garlic, cayenne pepper and either pearl onions or large chunks of onions to mine. I also top mine with some homemade mashed potatoes. Next time I make mine up I will share the full recipe but you gotta have some Guinness for it..I hate beer..but I like cookin' with it :)

This is my hubby's fave dish in the winter! And given my Irish roots its no surprise I make it so grab more of that Guinness cuz' you will need it. I add a bit more tomato paste and skip the peas because we don't like them...but we do add the cheese on top too. Its so yummy!

I love, love tomato soup...make it tomato bisque and even better served up with a grilled cheese panini and mmmm..mmmm good stuffs.  This recipe I tore out of my Southern Living Magazine in November and haven't made yet but the reviews were good and it sounds so flavorful.  Think it will be on my menu this week!

Hamburger Soup ~ Pioneer Woman
I haven't tried this one yet...its a new recipe that Ree just posted but it sure does look good and easy to get simmerin' on the stovetop.  Definitely on my menu this week!

This is my is the ONLY meatloaf I and my teens will eat..its really that good. Stuffed with cheese makes it even better I tell ya!  Lots of flavor and even better the next day on a sandwich..mmmmmm!

This is one of my fave soups in the cold months...the hubby and I love soups and we eat them all year.
I follow this recipe pretty much to a T---except that I set some potato chunks aside before blending and then add them. I just like the bit of chunkiness they add to it and I top it off with a bit of swiss cheese or parmesan under the broiler too but you can skip that or use cheddar.  Everything is better with some cheese right?

I have my own recipe for pot pie but I found this one that was pretty close to mine. I skip the peas and use mushrooms, onions, carrots and asparagus in mine.  Its another one of my husband's fave recipes to eat although the teens are big fans LOL.

This is a newer recipe I found and adapted a bit...but we love Mexican based foods and this one is easy to make ahead on a busy day.

This is a soup I make on occasion for the hubs and myself...the teens don't like it and that's ok because I HATED it when I was younger too LOL.  But its easy to get going on the cooktop and simmer all day and serve up with some biscuits...makes you all warm and toasty. This recipe is similar to what I use again except I add leeks instead of celery.

My Comfort Food Recipes:

Other dishes I make a lot in the winter are below. I have my own special recipes for them but just haven't had time to type up the recipes because I don't know the measurements really...I'm a dash of this & a dash of that kind of cook...tastes good but hard to tell someone how much of each.  So they will be coming real soon...I have pictures taken but have to figure out the measurements for you all. chili is award winning good, no lie...its the bomb diggety and I will 
have a recipe up soon I promise.

Spaghetti Patties...a recipe I came up with as a newlywed on a budget 18 years ago. Its still
a hit in our house & super inexpensive and easy to make.

Chicken Corn Chowder...easy to make even if you only have 30 mins.
recipe soon to come

Proscuitto, Carmelized Onion, Tomato and Cheese good you will slap yourself after making them! hahaha

Mexican Lasagna...good stuff and easy to make as well!




  1. MMMMMM.. Going to have to try most of these.......
    Thanks so much.

  2. OMGee...I just made navy bean and ham soup 2 days ago. My hubby and daughter love it. And I'm a big fan of Ree's too. Got all her books and met her in Denver this year at her Holiday cookbook signing. She is quite a funny gal and I read her blog everyday.
    These look awesome, Suzanne. I'm hoping to the links of the ones I don't have.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these. I'm going to look some of them up to try!

  4. These area amazing recipes! They all look so yummy and most of them are my comfort foods! I can't wait to try several of these recipes! Thanks for sharing. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate your kind comment. I look forward to seeing more inspiring posts here.

  5. looks delicious.. will try a few of them!


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