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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Adding Radiant Orchid To Your Life!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Hi all!  How have you been dealing with this polar vortex that has affected most of the country? I think we are still frozen from it all...brrrrr...nasty weather.  We had a frozen pipe break in our laundry room that flooded the laundry, part of the kitchen and the guest bedroom below.  Its been a helluva week I can tell you that. We had major cleanup and now are looking forward to drywalling, painting and new carpet because of this mess.  And I pulled muscles in my arm and chest when I flung the huge mattress and box springs across the room to save it from the downpour out of the ceiling. It was a $2000 purchase and there was no way I was letting it get ruined...and in the mess I hurt myself oy vey.  So needless to say we have lots of work to do.  And to all those out there dealing with these issues due to the weather I feel for you too.

I will have a new project posted for Valentines this week that I think you will like and a tutorial too :) So stay tuned for that!


So this year's color is Radiant Orchid...a great jewel tone color that looks good on everyone!

Do you have plans to add some of this color to your wardrobe, makeup or home decor?

I don't have any place for this color in my home but definitely outside in my gardens this spring, it will be blooming with flowers of this color.

These were my hydrangeas this beautiful and who knew they were so on trend LOL!

Lace Is On & Splash of Grenadine nail polishes by Essie are very close to Radiant Orchid.
These colors look lovely on most skintones too...bonus!

These beautiful earrings would be lovely if you only want a small pop of color. I love handmade jewelry on Etsy because its unique and no one else has it, not to mention all the options.

Beautiful necklace from Kate Spade...would be gorgeous with a pretty white dress or blouse.

I love this faux wrap shirt from Nordstroms..its longer in the back (ya know to cover my bum) and the material is light and airy.

This dress is gorgeous by Halston the assymetrical lines and length of the skirt.

For not a big investment this Guess Westbrook purse fits the bill...beautiful and a good size.

And for a larger purchase you could go with Marc Jacob's "Too Hot To Handle" bag.

I love these shoes by Rachel Roy at Zappos..they have a darker pink on the back side and then a shot of radiant orchid snakeskin on the front. LOVE! Although out of my price range for flats but I will look for something similar on my shoe-outings.

This is a GORGEOUS handpainted one-of-a-kind scarf on Etsy.

Or go with the new Radiant Orchid phone case from Zazzle!

If you are a papercrafter like myself you will surely see some Radiant Orchid colored papers soon.
These digi-papers are beautiful!

If you are looking to add a pop of Radiant Orchid to your decor choose something that can be used as an accent. Unless you want to dive in and use the color on large pieces, adding smaller accent pieces will do the trick as well.  This beautiful throw by Donna Karan Home would look lovely thrown on a chair or bed.

This  pillow from Etsy is GORGEOUS and just so lovely..makes me wish for spring!!

It sure looks pretty but this much of it in my decor would NOT go over well in my house. My "guys" would not be diggin' it, but if you can get away with it, it sure is lovely. I'm known to get bored easily so if I chose larger and more expensive decor items in this color I'm afraid I'd be stuck in a rut for awhile.

If I bring the color into my decor it will most likely be in the form of some
beautiful flower arrangements like these :)

So are you adding any beautiful Radiant Orchid colored items to your life this year?



  1. Love the colors, especially the showroom of a living room. It's beautiful although I'd never have the nerve to go with that color. By the way, I know you don't know me but I've followed your blogs for several years and I hope you and yours have a great New Year! Liz S.

  2. Nice post! Thanks for sharing “Wisteria” SenayStudio pillow! I'm so glad you like it :). Cheers and Happy New Year!


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