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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cool Beans--Innovative Products!

HI everyone!  Hope your end of January is going well! February will soon be here and we have a super BUSY month!  We are an excited Olympic watching family...cannot wait till the Winter Olympics start soon...we schedule our TV watching around it.  And we can't forget the SuperBowl..always a big event in our house.  We've had lots of SuperBowl parties and last year we watched it in Baltimore, in a great pub surrounded by other Ravens fans. After the Ravens won it was such a cool experience to see everyone in the city pour out into the streets, horns beeping and people just celebrating...something we will never forget!  And then my son turns 16 in did that happen LOL?  Then its my mom's birthday the next day and then Valentine's a very busy but happy month (minus the snow & cold temps of course)!


I thought I'd share some NEW and COOL innovative products that I've been introduced to recently.  Some may toot your horn and some may not...but always fun to see new ideas and things that help us along in some way through life! And quite a few that made me go "hmmmm why didn't I think of that?"

My daughter packs her lunch for school everyday...she's never been interested in the cafeteria meals like my son.  And she complains the lines are too long to use the microwaves so she will sometimes take soup in a thermos but never anything else that needs to be warmed up.  UNTIL I found these Lava lunch bags...heat your food and these bags keep them HOT for 6 hours.  Great alternative for those that have no access to an oven or microwave for their meals out. Invented by a mom too :)

My son goes thru laces like water...I like to think its just because he's a boy LOL. But he also hates tying his shoes and the laces just hang out and get stomped on arghhhh.  So someone recommended these to me and I thought "how cool...why didn't I think of that?"  They come in all colors including white and black and are a nice alternative if you don't want to lace or worry about tying.

I saw this pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago..then I went and watched the video HERE and I fell in love..not hard to do for me!  I usually peel things over my trashcan because I don't want to clog my garbage disposal (don't ask about the time I clogged it with potato peels before 16 people showed up for Thanksgiving years ago). But this would be awesome to have to put in my sink to peel things, rinse produce and the video and you will think "hmmm why didn't I invent that"!

I think these are super can use them to easily pour anything you may have canned or bought that is in a mason jar. Use them to create fun drinking bottles, great for kids too!  So many uses!

I'm a ponytail kinda girl on days I'm working on projects or if I'm being active outside or at an outdoor event.  Sometimes a problem when its super cold out like this winter we are having.  I saw these Peekaboos Ponytail Hats on Pinterest and I think they are so cute..great way to wear a hat and have your ponytail too (and not smooshed). These similar hats on Etsy are custom made and cute as well!

I only drink white wine gives me massive headaches so I skip it. And my favorite is Ice Wine from Upstate New York and Canada...its so yummy and it must be really cold when you drink it. I like all my white wine really chilled and you know it gets warm quickly when sitting out.  My mom got me this Corkcicle for Christmas and I love just freeze it and pop it in your wine after opening and it keeps it nice and cold without having to put it in a bucket. Also good for bringing red wines to room temps if need be. Great for when you the weather turns nice and you are eating outside too!

And for the techies like myself I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how awesomely rad & cool Google Chromecast is!  Yup turn any HDTV into a Smart content from the internet with a WIFI that means shows/videos from Hulu, Netflix, Youtube & more using your smartphone, tablet or computer/laptop to control it.  For only $35!
And for even more high powered tech news...check out Google Glass...this is the future baby!


This is just a short list of some of the cool items I've read about, seen on TV or have myself.
I could go on and on for days...I love innovative products and I'm a huge techie so I always like to see all the new ideas.  CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas is super fun if you ever get to go...I was like a kid in the candy store when I went in the past!

Any new, cool and innovative products that have caught your eye lately??


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