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Monday, June 2, 2014

She's Got Wheels!


Yes, yes I am pulling out my hair this week...and next week. Not literally although somedays the stress migraines feel like someone IS pulling out my hair LOL!  No I am prepping for Alexa's Graduation party which means that 101 things need to be done along with getting Riley's new bedroom done.  And YES I AM INSANE for tackling both at the same darn time <slaps myself>! But after the polar vortex burst a pipe that flooded that basement bedroom, then my ripping the carpet off the stairs and in basement, and building the new wall/door in the basement...I was SICK of unfinished projects. And really what better motivator is there than a party I say...hahahaha...oy vey as I cry a little.

So I'm managing drywall guys who are also sanding my stairs and handrails for me, painters, flooring companies, landscapers and deliveries.  Along with making party decorations, making 100 lists and prepping the patio and landscape.  And I've got to stain those stairs ASAP...yikes!

I may collapse after graduation party on 14th & then graduation on the if you don't hear from me for a few days after that...well you know what I will be doing...sleeping & not moving!

I gots issues.....lots....told ya ;)


But we did have an exciting weekend...if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may not have seen the pics and videos.

But Alexa's early graduation present was a brand new car!
If you didn't get to watch the videos (there are 2 short ones) I encourage you to watch.
Only because we tricked her big time and she had NO IDEA....more about that below ;)
Its a Hyundai Elantra Sport in Windy Sea Blue...we've only heard good things about these cars so hope she has it for a LONG time!

You see, we told her we had an early present for her on Saturday that we thought she might want to have.  I had put the key in one of my Tiffany bags and then the box and wrapped it up in pretty paper.  So when she opened it she thought it was her FIRST piece of Tiffany's jewelry...which she was pretty thrilled about because she's been wanting a piece from there, LOL! <I'm such a trickster>
This is something we've been planning for MONTHS!  We told her if she maintained a 3.8 GPA thru high school we'd entertain the car conversation.  Well she surpassed the 3.8 GPA, never gave us a lick of trouble and got into all the colleges she applied we felt she was deserving & responsible enough for this gift.  Oh, and we had told her we'd probably be able to get her a car after the holidays but NOT she really had no idea any of this was going on :)

Her face once she realized it wasn't jewelry in the Tiffany's box LOL!
You gotta watch the video to see the whole reaction....its priceless :)

She was beyond thrilled we will say and its fully loaded & her fave color blue.  Course first question was "does it hold my iPhone/iPod?"...teen code for "will it play all my music easily" and YES it does LOL!  She has been lectured about driving & texting....we were in a serious accident a few years ago when a teen hit us while she knows firsthand the dangers of that. And hopefully always adheres to the contract of rules we made her sign....yes, I made a contract of rules up to make sure she knew this was a HUGE privilege not a right...and a huge responsibility on her part.

Her model pose...hahaha!

She may have hugged it a few times...just a few.  And her University of SC decal is already on the back bumper ;)

The girl's got wheels....she's pretty happy!



  1. Aaaahhhhh, she looks so happy, Suzanne. I saw your you tubes this weekend and had tears in my eyes. They grow so fast, become adults, graduate from college and start families of their own before you know it. Reminded me of my kids and giving them their first cars. Cherish everyday while you can. :)

    P.S. Congrats, Alexa!!!

  2. Wow! What a great graduation gift! Will you adopt me?

  3. WOWeeeeeeeeee! What an amazing and extremely generous gift....she is a very lucky lady and I' sure she knows that!! I think her car is adorable and know this is so hard on you! I loved the videos and love that you teased her so much and made her smell Riley's hat! LOL! You did a great job with with surprise....! I'm still in awe of such a GIFT! My first card was about ten years old when I bought it myself, with money I saved from my Summer Waitressing parents could never have bought me a car and never even owned a new car of their own, until later in life. You are one very very blessed and fortunate family! Amazing....!!


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