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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep It Together!

Are you still a bit old fashioned and love to write your lists, reminders & appointments down?  You know, with pen and paper?  
That would be me...yes even though I do make lists and use my calendar on my iPhone I still prefer to see everything on paper...its just the way I am.  So that way I have bits of notepad paper and stickies makes me crazy half the time!

I have a HUGE chalkboard in my kitchen that I made last year (see post here) that I keep running lists & important dates on as well.  This is what it looks like currently....make you dizzy & tired yet?  Yeah me too but I have wiped a few things off the to-do list andddddd added things in their place LOL! And everything under Alexa's name are dates I have to remember...minus graduation and the party..those are burned into my memory!

This is just ONE page of some of the list titles I keep on my iPhone. I try to be diligent and erase them when I'm done so I don't have too much to page through. I keep all my grocery lists on my phone too and that way I can easily text a pic of it to the hubs or Alexa when I have them go in my place.  No some of the names make no sense to YOU...but they mean things to ICE is my code name for the hubs LOL (In Case of Emergency it stands for just kinda stuck lol).

I don't know if its my meds, me turning 40 or just too much going on but I have to have MANY VISUAL REMINDERS these days.  Heck I even send myself alert alarms on my phone to remind me of things...crazy eh?

And I keep a separate notebook for just blog and project sits by my chair and I jot things in it regularly.  I tried to keep up with my Filofax but it just wasn't working...the size of the pages were too small for me and I needed something bigger.
This one is called "Jellies Be Jammin"..bwahahaha I love the name!

So I pre-ordered two of these super cute Lily Pulitzer Agendas (one for me & one for Alexa)...they are $28 for the Large Size although they do have smaller and larger versions too.  They ship out the end of June so plenty of time to get one.  I liked the layout and and size of the they run thru Aug 14 thru Dec 15.  Hoping to combine my to-do dates with my to-do list and my blog project list in just ONE agenda...we shall see how this works out.

I had gotten Alexa an Erin Condren Agenda for Christmas and she loves it...she's always been one to utilize an agenda well.  Those you can customize how you'd like them too so that's a good option as well.  Now if I could get my son to do the same...hmmmmmmm

But the chalkboard and iPhone will still get me...the more help that I have these days the better.  

Now for someone to invent a personal assistant that I can fit in my pocket that will pinch me when I am forgetting something....I'd pay top dollar for that ;)


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  1. Yep, do the same as you. I keep two journals and I use one note and Outlook for my events and alarms. I even have alarms on my phone to take my meds. Otherwise, I'll forget because we have such busy lives.
    One of my journals is for crafting projects only for design ideas, details and deadlines. Once I finish a project I print a photo of what I made based on those design ideas. Helps keep me focused; I have a little OCD and ADD. LOL
    Love the Lily Pulitzer agendas. They are way cool.


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