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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Happy Graduate!

Here's our 2014 Graduate....Alexa...she's pretty happy!
She graduated with top honors and we are so proud of all her accomplishments!!

Graduation was at 10 am on the 97 degrees plus humidity.
Let's just say we all were a bit sunburned, wilted and heat exhausted afterwards.
But it was a nice ceremony and Alexa is now a college freshmen...oy vey.
She will be at the University of South Carolina in August studying Marine Biology.

Alexa & James
Her dress is from Nordstroms here in ivory (I got it in the black lol)....those are my shoes she borrowed ;)

James, Alexa and me!
Dress is from Loft here (its navy) paired with hot pink Kate Spade bow belt
and Michael Kors heels.  I LOVE this dress and the way it fits!

Alexa with both her grandmas before the mom is on left and James' mom is on right.
We took these in the morning before we left for the 10 am ceremony and thank goodness we did because we had all wilted in the 97 deg heat afterwards LOL!

Alexa's A capella chorus sang a few times during the graduation ceremony.  I didn't start crying till the end when they sang the moving Alma Mater song for their school...then James and I UGLY cried!

Alexa accepting her diploma....there were 400+ kids in her graduating class.

The happy graduate!

Riley & Alexa after the ceremony!

Alexa and her 2 BFFs (Grace & Sophia) was so hot that Grace had already shedded her robe LOL!

Alexa and all her friends goofing off at the photobooth at their all-night-grad party LOL!
Gotta love these kids :)

In case you wanna see teens have some good, clean, goofy fun....I encourage you to watch
this video of their All Night Grad Party LMBO!  Alexa and her 2 BFFs singing "Dancing Queen" by Abba....I'm still chuckling!



  1. Suzanne-Alexa is just beautiful! Big congrats to her on all of her achievements! I know you are one very proud mama and you should be because she is rather special!

  2. Wow, what great pics! And what a huge class! Is that a record for the school? You must be so proud of her!


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