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Thursday, June 5, 2014

What's On My Kindle Lately?

If you have followed me through the years or even just over the past year of the Bitz of Me know I love to read.  Unfortunately during my surgery recovery I was on a LONG round of meds that made me foggy and unable to concentrate for very took me 10 days to get through a book instead of being able to read 3-4 books a week. Grrrrrrr...its been really frustrating as reading is the one thing I like to do just for myself, late at night when no one needs me and my to-do list is semi-quiet.  Well I am happy to say that the past week I have read 4 books thankful to be able to focus and enjoy reading again..I really missed it.

So below are the books I just finished up including my BookEndz Book Club book (you can join our club on Facebook here if you would like)...and one I am currently reading now and enjoying!


I am a HUGE fan of Karen White's writings...I always pre-order her books as soon as they hit Amazon, maybe the second they hit. I follow her on Twitter, Facebook, her blog..yeah I'm a stalker hahaha..the good kind I promise.
Her Tradd Street books are such a great mix of mystery, suspense and page-turners. But I have YET to read a BAD book by her...its just not possible.  If you haven't read her yet I encourage you to try her books...they are all really good and usually set in the South.  The 'Lost Hours' and 'The Time Between' are probably my top 2 of her's but its so hard to choose.  Anywho the above book is her newest, it is excellent and I am halfway through. I'm telling everyone to read it and if you do let me know if you loved it too ok?

If you were a member of BookEndz since the beginning (4 years ago)...Lisa See's "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" was one of our first reads. A absolutely fascinating, sweeping, and cultural awakening of a story that not only educated me but made me want to read more.  Her new book above is no less than fantastic...a page turner, it educates, it makes you wonder, its just plain GOOD.  Definitely enjoyed this book a lot!

I've read all of Nancy Thayer's...great reads each one of them. This book above is an older book that was just released on the Kindle and I hadn't read it when I saw it was released on Kindle I scooped it up. Starts off a little slow but the story is worthing sticking to, a for sure page-turner and you will want to know what happens to all 3 women by the end of the story!

There aren't really words for how much I loved this story, the book, the characters, the writing.
It was beautifully written and a book that will stay with me for a long time.
It's also the JUNE BookEndz selection this month...we will discuss it on the Facebook page at the end of the month too!  Enjoy!

Happy Reading Friends!!



  1. Thanks Suzanne - I always love your recommendations! Are you on GoodReads?

    1. Yes I am on Goodreads...I'm pretty good about updating what I've read and/or am reading but I'm sure I've missed 100's of books along the way!


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