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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Cheat..Do You???


In case anyone thinks I have it together 110% of the time I'm here to dispel those very silly notions.  
I, like you go through each day just trying to keep up with everything that happens in a normal or abnormal day.  And with 2 active teens, a husband who works late & travels much, and 8 animals there is ALWAYS something going on.  And some days I need any help I can get to do my best and look like I'm keeping up ;)

So here are a few things I cheat with to save time, feel better and look better:

I love dry not only freshens up your hair but gives it some volume too.  I wash my hair every 3rd day because my hair is dry and unless I'm sweating heavily it just doesn't need it.  I've tried a few expensive dry shampoos but I always come back to this Dove has a faint, nice smell and its easy to use and gives my hair some body. And best of all its under $5 and lasts a long time. Walgreens has it for $4 here.

Shapewear....I love it and have a drawer full of it for every occasion.
Hey I'm 40, I've had 2 kids and lots of surgeries...I need all the help I can get some days.
I have some Spanx but the one piece I love the most is Flexees by Maidenform Women's Fat Free Collection Hi-Waist Boyshort. Its under $20, fits fabulously without rolling up or down, is thin enough for most clothes and will smooth out the lumps & bumps ;)  Now if its 95 degs outside with 90% humidity you won't find me wearing this...don't ask me about the time I did and tried to take it off in a bathroom stall, in the heat with sweaty skin...not a pretty site & very joke-worthy ;)

I wear a BB face cream (Ponds Luminous BB Cream) every day even if I'm not wearing has spf and is moisturizing and evens out my skin enough to make me look somewhat less zombie like.  So when Jergens came out with their BB Body Cream I had to try it...and I LOVE IT!  Its great as a lotion and has just a teeny bit of color and some highlighters in it that smooth your legs. Now its not a heavy coverup so it won't cover scars, veins, birthmarks but it does just smooth things a bit.  It doesn't sweat off and leave marks either. I really like it a lot and it comes in different tones and is under $ only need to use a wee bit so it lasts too.

Before I put on makeup I use a primer of some sort...I have many including Smashbox more expensive one...but I love anything that can smooth out my skin and pores a bit and keep my makeup on especially in the summer.  My newest obsession is L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Miracle Blur Cream ...Amazon has it fairly cheap at $14 (free ship with Prime too) so I order from drugstores have it for around $19. It just fills in your pores and with or without makeup makes your skin look smooth.

I love coconut oil...I mean I love it!  I get mine from Tropical Traditions after reviewing them all online last year I found it to be one of the best.  I use it to cook with, I put it in my smoothies, I use it on my dry feet and nails and I use it as a hair mask.  Its all around good stuff.  Much better for you to cook with than traditional oils too.  And I swear by it for dry skin.

I use Crest Rapid WhiteStrips a couple times a year to keep my teeth nice and white.  But I use this Listerine Whitening Pre-Rinse every other day before I brush.  Yes, that's rinse your teeth FIRST and then brush.  Its kept my teeth nice and white and kept me out of the dentist's chair for fillings too :)  It is my #1 secret to keeping your teeth white without a huge $ investment. Check your drugstores because its usually under $6 (I buy mine from Walgreens for $4).

Let's face it...we can all use a bit of a bump to help us look brighter, fresher and for me MORE AWAKE.  I use highlighters like its my religion...seriously.  Many eons ago I was a makeup artist for Clinique & Lancome and I learned the benefits of using highlighters to help you out and I've always had some in my arsenal.  I really loved Benefits Watts Up highliter stick but its pricey so was thrilled when Sonia Kashuk came out with something almost identical for a lot less HERE. $10 compared to $30...def a good trade in my opinion.  I use this on top of my cheekbones, brow bones and inner corner of eyes. It just brightens you up and it goes on smoothly and stays put.  I've even used it as a pretty eyeshadow during the day as it just brings light to your eyes and makes you look like you had a fabulous night's sleep...something I lack in ;)
Whoever invented the crock pot needs lots of of the best inventions EVER!  I own 4 crockpots LOL...I have a round one that is 20 years old that was an engagement present & works fab and then this one above which I love because it holds longer items better like roasts and tenderloins. My friend Pat got me a zebra one that I use for parties and then I have a mini one I use for hot dips. This Crock-Pot Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker  is a fave of mine because of its shape, also programmable time settings (30 mins to 20 hours) and it is easy to transport if you are going to a pot-luck!  And all that for under $40.  ONE-POT-WONDERS I call them...I have an arsenal of recipes, always looking for more but have never been disappointed by my crock pot.  Especially nice during summer because it doesn't heat up the kitchen and you put your food in and forget-about-it. Great for days you are short on time...prep in the morning and just GO!
ZAQ Dew LiteMist Diffuser
 I am a HUGE fan of essential oils...I've been studying up on them for the past few years and try them out for many different uses (some of my fave uses & recipes soon to come on a post).  The less chemicals and toxins in my house, body and garden the better.  I mentioned I have 8 animals (6 cats and 2 dogs) and I HATE smelling them...I don't want my house to smell like a feel me?
So I use an organic cat litter (clean all 6 boxes multiple times a day) and I use these Essential Oil Diffusers (I have 3, one on each level of my house).  I use the Purification Oil to dispel odors in the house...they work beautifully and keep my house fresh organically.  I like this one the best because it has auto-shut off and seems to put out the right amount for my house.  There are many on the market and you can use a tealight diffuser but I like the electric ones because I can run them without worry.
An easy way to deodorize or scent your home.

Maxi dresses
They hide a multitude of sins, make dressing for the day easy, and are definitely on trend.  I have 3 and Alexa has 2 Lush maxi dressees from Nordstroms...they are usually on sale for less than $40. They fit great and I love them for traveling because they don't wrinkle much.  Slip one on add some jewelry and sandals or wedges and you are DONE. Easy peasy for those days your brain can't handle putting an outfit together LOL! (Patterned & Solid Dresses STILL on sale for $38 HERE)

What's Your Favorite Cheat??



  1. I love the coconut oil too especially as a lotion. Another reason I bought it (haven't tried this yet) is for teeth whitening. Swish it around in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes (nor sure if I can last that long) and it whitens teeth. Hmm....I wonder why you couldn't brush with it instead?
    Here is a product I have just started trying that my hair girl recommended - Style Edit Conceal Spray. You can get it on Amazon. Spray it on to cover the grays in between coloring. She sprayed it on my roots before we colored last month and I was amazed!

    1. Sounds like another great cheat....wonder if it works for any hair color? I don't have grays but I have dark roots grrr LOL!

  2. Love all of these! Thanks Suzanne!


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