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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Bliss!


What did I do this weekend....well I spent some time in the sun...waiting in be the first in the pit at the stage for TIM MCGRAW....whoot whoot!  I'm just a sucker for those country boys that can sing lemme tell ya....NUTTIN' BETTER!!!  Country till the day I die!

I was at stage with my daughter for the concerts by Love-n-Theft, Brantley Gilbert & Tim McGraw on Saturday night in Virginia.  Hotter than Hades, I had nothing to eat that day but a sno-cone but it was BLISS...utter of the BEST NIGHTS of my life.  Not only did I get a couple hand slaps, fist bumps and touches from Mr. McGraw (my fave singer along with Luke Bryan for forever & ever) but I got his guitar pik too....whooohoooooooo!  My heart was in my throat was a moment to never forget.  A full slideshow of pics will be on my ScrapBitz blog on Tuesday...but for a now a few to entice you LOL!

Yes, he is THAT hot....better as he gets older that's for sure!

Yes, Tim "YOU" are hot!

Both the pics above were taken with my phone....that REALLY was my view...he was right over me OMGeeeee!  I about DIED LOL!

Yes, his shirt was see thru!

Yes, he has the cutest smile ever!

Not only is the man FINE but he puts on the best show, his voice is amazing and I'd see
this concert a billion times before I'd ever get sick of him.  Lucky Faith...sighhhhhh!

Disclaimer:  Hubby knows my Tim obsession...I've had one for him since the early 90's...he gets it and he's ok with it LOL!   Hey he likes Heidi Klum and lord knows I'm not HER nor will he ever really see her hee hee!



  1. I am so happy for you!!!!! These pictures are awesome and I truly am excited that you were able to go and get so close. Best of all, I'm glad I didn't get that "come get me out of jail" call. LMBO. He is one fine looking man!!!!

  2. Your hubby sounds like my daughter's hubby with HER obsession to Donnie Wahlberg & NKOTB. She's been on two of their cruises & 3 out of 5 concerts for their new tour, she's at tonight's show as we speak. So I totally understand your obsession. My son doesn't get it though, hahaha!!!

    1. Welllll I love NKOTB too but I've only been to one of their newer shows LOL...back in the day it was ALL about Jordan Knight! Now I'm more of a country groupie..something about those men LOL! Hugs!

  3. Awesome, Suzanne. I love Tim too. He is just a dream, same with Luke. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Great pictures!!! He is such a cutie, I've seen him in concert too a couple of times, and he is fantastic!! Glad you had such a wonderful time, and thank you for sharing it with us!!!


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