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Friday, June 14, 2013

Spray Fresh Out There!

Hahahahaha that's my pun on Stay Fresh...get know I'm so lame :)  This is another quick and fun project I did a bit ago and just getting to post it.  My family thinks I'm totally nuts but I like to COVER things to make them if I want it to match the room or the bottle is ugly I will cover that baby up.  Quick, easy and simple to do....lemme show ya!

So I do believe in using natural products as much as I can....I use tiny bowls of baking soda in some rooms when needed.  But I'm sorry...I have a teen boy...and said teen boy has teen boy friends...and when they get in a bathroom.......well I don't have to go into details.  Let's just say its NOT fresh LOL!  And nothing helps in the moment other than these Glade Sprays.  BUT I'm not a huge fan of the bottle as they don't always match my color scheme in my bathrooms.  Hey I'm an artist, I like colors that GO well with each other...I cannot help it...shoot me :)

Side Note:  I also have these Poo-pourri Sprays in the bathrooms...the names are HYSTERICAL (this one is Doody Free, my personal fave is Call of the Wild though).  They are made with Essential Oils and smell really good.  My good friend Pat introduced us a few years ago...after some poo talk...don't ask, LOL!  And I'm a BIG believe in them lemme tell ya...I even have the travel ones cuz they DO work!  You spritz a few squirts in the toilet bowl BEFORE you go LOL and ta-da...reduced stinkage!   I have "Trap-a-Crap" which is in a camo wrapping in Riley's bathroom...hey I didn't name it...but it does make me giggle.  But he and his friends don't always use it...ugh!  Hence the need for the Glade Sprays in ALL the bathrooms just in case...nothing worse than a stinky bathroom.

How To:
Seriously simple, took me about 3-5 mins for each spray bottle and I used all things from my studio that I had on hand.  Cost: $0...gotta love that eh?

I'm a I have LOTS of supplies on hand for these kinda things.  And I have a ton of older 12x12 scrapbook paper that I don't use and it was perfect for this project.  I picked paper that matched each of my bathrooms.   Just set the can on the paper, measure and cut to size.  I love & use regularly Scor-Tape (no need to cut it, and it doesn't gunk your scissors like other brands) just rip it to size and its double stick AND super strong.  Add a strip to each end of the paper you cut and peel off the backing on each one when you are ready..  Match up the bottle on the paper and wrap well.

Also in my stash are lots of Martha Stewart border punches.  I decided the paper was a little plain and needed a bit of decoration.  So I punched some trims for each one in two sizes and added it with more Scor-Tape.

So this is what I did to those Glade Spray bottles...aren't they pretty?  And they match my bathrooms now...I made more don't worry.  We have 5 bathrooms and EVERY bathroom has one now :)

Here is one all pretty on the commode tank in my powder room on the first floor.  Along with some fresh flowers from my garden, this little room is all set!

And if I did nothing but give you a few giggles with this posting...then I'm ok with that...that's how I ROLL :)



  1. Love the bottle covers. And it was my pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful world of Poo-pourri. LMBO. They definitely work when used according to directions. I will never forget how excited I was when my friend gave me a bottle as part of my Christmas. I thought how cool she found some poopurri that had a cute charm on it with my initial (P) on it. We both laughed til we almost cried when she told me what it was for. Almost as hard as you and I laughed when I told you about it. :-). We have certainly had some laugh til you cry moments together. And a lot of "Houston" we have a problem moments. <3

  2. Fun post! Love the spray bottle covers and love the names. I will be checking those out.

  3. LMBO ONLY YOU two gals would buy POO-pourri!!! Lord all mighty. Bless your hearts! ;-)~


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