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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snack Time!!

 Snack Drawers

Just a quick, short post for you today....this project below KICKED off a much larger project in my kitchen that I promise to share later this week with you.  I gotta edit a bunch of pictures for it first!

I have always kept a large snack drawer in the kitchen for the kids.  Most of their friends know where the "drawer" is and come right in and take a looksie and a grabsie.  And when the teens need to pack a lunch or grab a snack they can get something pretty easily from here.  We have a collection of Luna bars, granola bars, cookies, crackers and snack packs.  

 The BEFORE "Snack Drawer"...aka...MESS!
(Note: the Milano cookies are MINE...I have 1 a day as my sweet treat)

But after this past "Hellacious" school year (I had a freshman & junior in high school...the 2 hardest years in high school...yeah both at the SAME time, oy vey lol) the drawer kinda got out of control.  I wasn't sure what was good and what wasn't!

So that meant a nice PARING down of the goodies and more BINS 
to reorganize the drawer into this:


So all it took was 3 bins ( 97 cents each at Walmart) and 2 storage canisters ($2 each)...I actually got 5 canisters for future storage issues LOL!  I like to be prepared...I WAS a girl scout ya know ;)
All the granola & snack bars got sorted into a bin, the cookies into another, and the crackers & snack packs into the third bin.  Nothing fancy or labels...everything is easily seen and able to be grabbed quickly.   I slipped some micro-wave popcorn in between the bins...I have a large box out in the garage on my "Costco Pantry Shelves" and I just pull a few to put in the drawer every time they are used.

Total Price for Snack Drawer:  $7....not bad at all!

Our Oreo Canisters!

I love these snack sized canisters...great for crackers, chips, cookies, etc!  I put the Oreos in them to stay fresh because NO ONE ever replaces the cookies in the package like they should and they just go stale.  I figure the teens can handle this system right????

Well time will tell....I am happy with it now and I think its pretty easy to keep up!
I'm working thru the kitchen slowly but surely......

What are your TROUBLE AREAS in the kitchen???



  1. Wow, nice organizing, Suzanne! I don't have any drawers like these anymore since the kids are all grown and gone but I do keep fruit snacks in my cookie jar just for my 2 year old grandson. He knows exactly where they are and it's a good thing he can't reach it otherwise he would have all of the packages strewn around the house. LOL
    Great tips on your canisters and bins. Wal-Mart has awesome buys for these kinda things.
    Cathy Lee

    1. Thanks Cathy...yup Walmart has great prices on bins...I load up and my family GROANS LOL! But you can never have enough bins in my opinion ;)

  2. Good idea. I keep a gallon sized baggie full of snacky stuff for my grandkids. My 5 year old granddaughter eyes get huge whenever she spots it. I love to do things that take her to the "awe zone." So much fun... I would say for me pots/pans are a problem area simply because I hate to bend down due to fibro so it's always messy. Liz S.

  3. The utensil drawers... I said tonight when schools out for me next week first tackle before the garage. When my daughter empties the dish washer she shoves everything anywhere! I swear its so I say I'll do it myself.


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