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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gifts of Summertime!

Summertime Gifts

I thought it would be fun for Alexa to get her 3 best end of school gift since they would all be coming over the last day of school for a sleepover (that is today lol).  A gift to celebrate their NEW *Senior* status in high school.  WOW..still can't believe these girls that I've known since they were 10 will be proud of them all!

But we chose nothing too fancy or expensive but something they'd all like and enjoy.  Just some FUN summertime gifts!  So here is what we came up with:

* Insulated Cups from Walmart - $4-5 each
(Alexa & I are OBSESSED with these cups as they don't sweat and stay nice & cool)
*Essie Nail Polishes in fun colors - $4 each on Amazon
(they are $3-4 cheaper on Amazon than at stores)
*Toe Dividers in fun patterns - 99 cents at Walmart
*Gum - 95 cents
*Flip-Flops in fun colors - $5 each ($10 for 2 pairs at Old Navy)
Total for each girl:  $15
Not too bad me thinks!

 Fun & summery colors...perfect for girls of ANY age!
For older girls (like meself) you could even include a fun drink mix like lemonade or margarita mix..ummm yeahhhhh margarita...mixes sound good LOL!

These smaller goodies all fit neatly into the cups and then we packaged them up in pretty gift bags and tissue paper ($5 for 3 bags and tissue paper).

 I didn't get a pic of the flip-flops before they all paraded off in them so here 
is a selection of the ones at Old Navy LOL!  Cute for only $5 each, great for summertime!

Are you ready for summertime fun??
I know I sure am....



  1. LOVE this idea Suzanne and have an upcoming senior myself! Copying this cool idea...aren't they just growing too fast, sniff-sniff... scaling back on DT stuff in the coming year just to enjoy this special time!

    1. It really IS scary how fast high school flies by...I prob won't do well at graduation, I will be a MESS LOL! Yep I'm doing the same, I cut wayyyy back on DT and deadlines to really just enjoy this last year with her at home...I don't want to miss ANYTHING! Hugs~

  2. Such perfect little bits for a summer treat for the 'big girls on campus'!!

  3. This is such a cool idea. I know they were thrilled. Have fun tonight with the "girls". :-)

  4. What a great gift idea! And mega thanks for the tip about Essie on Amazon!!


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