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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A few...!

A Few of My Faves

These are some of my FAVORITE fashion items this summer....things I've been continually reaching for in my closet and some things that are just my FAVE period! 

If you like wedges in the meself...I swear these may be the most comfortable I've ever worn.  I bought the white ones, then I went and bought the aqua ones & I'm contemplating getting the black ones (Shhhhhh don't tell hubster lol)!  But I've worn these ALL day, I've worn them in the concert pit for 11 hours, worn them to parties and I have to say they are super cushy & comfy.  Now if you don't like wedges...well these aren't for you LOL! 
They are available at Nordstroms but I got them for a bit cheaper on Amazon, plus Amazon had more colors and FREE shipping was offered...whoot! BONUS!

I have been searching for a good pair of jean shorts.  Most were WAY TOO SHORT, too tight, too distressed or had weird stuff on them.  Then I found these...whoot...I love them.  I went and bought another pair. I wear them most days I'm at home, they are soft, worn in, not too tight but not too baggy either AND the perfect length (for me).


I am OBSESSED with this stuff...well I am obsessed with skin care period LOL!  I use it once or twice a week and it smells good (big plus) and it leaves little dots on your face where it clears out the pores.  So you know exactly what's coming out & is getting cleaned...I must say its a bit satisfying!  And your face will feel so silky smooth and look so refreshed afterwards you will be addicted too. (its at Sephora too)

Clean in Cotton T-Shirt
I have worn this (warm cotton) for years and years and I love it...the T-shirt one I got last year and I love that almost as much!  My daughter calls it my "mom smell" and says its just "ME" and I can never ever stop wearing it LOL!   I'm not so big on perfumes, I'm fairly sensitive to certain smells and if I can smell it on myself all day it will make me SICK to my stomach and give me a bad headache.  And I hate cloying, floral, musky smells or anything that smells like food on myself LOL.  This smells shower fresh, no strong smells...just nice and clean.  Now don't get me wrong I love flowers, food and such and I burn candles but I don't want to smell it on myself.  I have a few of the other Clean perfumes too that I wear on occasion in Shower Fresh, Outdoor Shower Fresh and the newest one Clean Summer Escape.  So if you like light and fresh perfumes I HIGHLY recommend these. (I get mine at Amazon but Sephora, most dept stores and Ulta carry them too)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi sweetie! I have keep this tagged so I would remember to try this stuff! lol. I just checked Sephora and it was $70....went to Amazon and it's $36 with free shipping! Just wanted to let you know!
    Hope all's well...
    Sue Brailey

    1. Yup my link for that above is for Amazon...they almost ALWAYS have cosmetics cheaper than Ulta & Sephora...I always check them first before I order. So you can get 2 for the price of 1 LOL!



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