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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Best BBQ Sauce!

 Suzanne's Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce

I love, love a good BBQ sauce and I love most barbecued foods.  And a lot of the bottled BBQ sauce at the stores are pretty good too BUT I prefer making my own.  That way I know exactly what is in it and I can make up the size batch I need and I've found its MUCH cheaper!  I cook up a big batch to use right then and put the rest in a squirty bottle to use during the week.  Or if I make a huge batch I will put it in a jar and keep in fridge for another batch of wings, chicken, fish, etc.  This is my personal recipe and it takes bits and pieces of recipes collected over the years...things I've tried and liked and eliminated things that just didn't work.  Its not a secret recipe, I don't lord over it but its just a culmination of many taste testings in my own kitchen.  I'm big on flavor...I know what I can add to certain dishes to get the flavor I'm looking for but sometimes you gotta just try a bit more, a bit less or none at all in each recipe until you "perfect" it.  This is my version of perfection but then again it may need more or less of "sumpin' good" for your own tastebuds.  So try it and change it and make it your own if you wish!

**The Maille Old Style Grained Dijon is what I use in this recipe (its sold at most stores including Walmart) and it has a really great flavor for using in recipes...a little goes a long way with this one because of the intensity of its flavor **

I love to make pulled chicken sandwiches especially in the summer.  I put 4 good sized organic chicken breasts in my crock pot along with 2 1/2 cups of my BBQ sauce and some sliced onions.  I put it on high heat for 4 hours to cook and it doesn't heat the kitchen up and its easy to make.  After its cooked I pull the chicken out of the pot and put it into a large bowl...then I use a fork to shred it while its still warm which makes it easier to do.  Then I put it all back in the crock pot along with any extra BBQ sauce it may need (usually it doesn't) and let it simmer on low until I'm ready to serve it.  It makes enough for four adults PLUS leftovers for lunches during the week.
Great for parties as well...put about 6-8 chicken breasts in to cook and you have enough for a fairly large crowd.

I serve mine up with special cole slaw recipe and roasted garlic potatoes.  Perfect summer or anytime dinner!  (cole slaw dressing recipe and potato recipes soon to come)

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  1. I am enjoying your recipes very much!!--Barbara Spanheimer

  2. Sounds so yummy, Suzanne. I love Cholula!!! Use in on lots of my spicy recipes. I bet this is great with Dr. Pepper too. I have family coming next week from Hawaii and will definitely be trying this recipe.
    Cathy Lee

    1. We love Cholula fact we buy it in two-packs from Costco as I use it in a lot of recipes to give them a "kick" LOL! Let me know how it works for you!


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