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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Pics!

Just some weekend happenings around the Dean household!!!

I groomed my furbabies...well the two doggies anywho LOL! Casey is on left and Baylee is on right...they are both Cairn Terriers and my babies!

Alexa got asked to the Junior/Senior prom by her good "friend"...ahem...friend hee hee Zach on Saturday.  He put a rose and note in the mailbox...note the YES and YES check boxes LOL! Then he walked down with the other bundle of roses for her.  Too cute huh!?

The weather continues to be Spring-like and beautiful!  We were able to get a ton of yardwork done and eat dinner outside on the patio.  We still have a lot of work to do and some trees to get put in, mulching, planting, garden widening and yesss the bar top has to be washed and never ends I tell ya!

We have season tix to the Washington Nationals so we went to our first game of 2013 yesterday...beautiful weather.  The game...well I choose to forget about the game cuz' it wasn't pretty LOL!  But there are over 140 games so this was #12 I think...I'm not at all worried....yet ;)

Winston...our latest rescue of October...scooted himself up on the dinner table last night while we weren't looking and cleaning up from dinner.   TO TAKE A NAP...oy vey...the animals I tell ya...good thing he's cute!

And the week begins again...hope its a great one for you!



  1. You had such a lovely week-end :)

  2. LoL, Winston is cute and so are the puppies. What a sweet Prom request for Alexa. Zach must be a very good friend.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend, Hun.

  3. Great photos Suzanne. I love how Alexa got asked to the prom!!


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