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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break Fun!

Howdy everyone!  Sorry for the delay in posts but I've been away for the past 11 days on Spring Break with my family.  We visited a few colleges in the south for my daughter then hit Hilton Head Island, SC for a few days and finished up in my fave place on earth...Charleston, SC! (my home in a few years for sure).  I try not to blog much while on vacation...I've learned after blogging for over 6 years that sometimes you gotta have some time off and its important for me to be with my family with no distractions.  But I'm BACKKKKK now LOL!

I wanted to give a shout out to Kathy Moody of Life on Lake Shore Drive Blog for spotlighting my jewelry trays I made HERE on her blog while I was away...I sure appreciate it and thank you for mentioning me!!

I will have some more posts coming...I have them all lined up and pics taken so don't worry there will be lots of fun things over the next few weeks!

If you want you can see pics from the Luke Bryan, Thompson Square and Florida-Georgia Line concert and read the crazy story of how we got there...we were in the pit next to stage...yeah up close...REAL CLOSE ;)  they are on my crafty blog ScrapBitz HERE!!  (your welcome I say...cuz that Lukey is hot, hot hot)And if you are not a reader of my blog or know me well....well LOL..I'm just a tad bit Luke Bryan and country music obsessed.  Along with a few other things like sports (just got our Washington Nationals season tix whoot), Coke, reading and basically living life at its LARGEST and FUNNIEST!! :)  All my stories are on my other blog usually along with Facebook...its a crazy life...but its my life...and I LOVE IT!

Today I'm just sharing some pics of my Spring Break Trip with my family...just a few that were very special to me are spotlighted below, the rest are in the slideshow at the end!  Talk soon~

 Two of Alexa's college hopes that we visited...Auburn Univ in Alabama and Univ of SC in Columbia, SC!  Yes sighhhhh my daughter will be off to college next year...oy vey!

 if you know me, you know I'm a Coke addict..specifically Cherry Coke so in our travels we stopped
by The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA and picked up a "few things"...Riley is thrilled hahaha!

me, my son who hates pics can't you tell lol, and Alexa at the beach in Hilton Head

I've been doing feet pics for years & years...this year was no different even though the teens still complain...but alas mom ALWAYS gets her way ;) (I'm the blue toenail gal hee hee)

a church, a blue sky, blooming trees...Spring beauty at its best

 me & my hubby in we didn't match on purpose LOL

me & my son doesn't like pics much oy!

 that color on the  house just makes you smile...tropic beauty

the ironwork in Charleston is AMAZINGLY beautiful!

love the old brick and beautiful window boxes

porches, southern hospitality and blooming flowers...nothing better

and lastly because it makes me laugh...wilted fans on the porch..guess they couldn't handle the HEAT huh? LOL!

Slideshow of rest of pics below if you choose to view my multitude of photos...hee!



  1. Awesome pictures Suzanne. I love Charleston too, we are gonna have to have a "retreat" there soon. <3 U

  2. I love, love Thompson Square. I wondered who they were touring with... LS

  3. Such great photos. Looks like a beautiful place

  4. Awesome pictures! I have lived in Charleston my whole life and never get tired of seeing it especially thru other peoples eyes!!

  5. Sounds like a blast, Suzanne. Love all the great photos. You have an eye for the camera. Love the artisitic style of your "flower box" photos. Nicely done.
    Cathy Lee


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