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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Themed for Black & White!


So my favorite color is other fave color is BLACK and I love me some black and white clothes, accessories and home decor items.  And guess what?  Its super IN this I think this combo is ALWAYS in style and elegant to boot!

I'm a big fan of zebra print and black and white.  So I had fun putting this collection of items...all attainable if you wish..and some I have meself!  Enjoy!


I have that gorgeous owl bracelet..I ordered it while on Spring Break and I adore it!  So fun and quirky but still stylish!  I also have a black and white striped shirt and zebra belt...the ring and dress are on my "WANT LIST" ;)  Print shorts are all the rage right now...I will have to try a pair on to see if I like them...I'm just not sure.  But I do like these print shorts because the pattern isn't too large or bright and you could pair many colors with it.  The shoes I love but alas a bit outta this gal's price range although I'm on the lookout for something similar but much easier on the budget KWIM!  And those earrings...aren't they gorgeous?  You can find the best stuff on Etsy and things that none of your friends have...they quilled paper to make these earrings..and well I'm a papercrafter so they really appeal to me!

Dress & Shorts (Express)
Tank Top & Striped Top (Nordstroms)


Home Decor

I love having black in my home decor...its even if its not the MAIN color, having a few items with black help tone down everything and class it up a bit.  My color scheme in my great room is terracotta, butter yellow and sage green BUT I have black accents everywhere and black Windsor chairs at my farm table.  So lots of ways to include it.  My studio is Tiffany Blue, b&w toile and a bit of zebra thrown in the mix...I LOVE IT!  In fact I have those glass balls on my hutch currently and some black wire baskets as well.  I'm so digging these pillows from Etsy and you know about my dish obsession...yeah I want these accent dishes from Target REAL bad LOL!  And how fun is that lantern may be coming home..yeah to my home...I think it would look fab on a bookshelf, hutch or accent table...just so interesting and different.



I'm always looking for interesting art.  I still have some walls in my basement that need art including the stairwell.  My basement colors are chocolate brown, light aqua, white and black and I have a lot of large art that features vintage travel posters framed in black down there.  But I need some more for the foyer in the basement..we are ripping out the floors and repainting that area and I want some large art.  PRINTS to the rescue...not too expensive on the wallet so that if you change your mind a few years later its not hard to let them go.  So these two are my picks and should be arriving soon so I can frame them...I love them!  When you can't find art that fits your theme or color scheme...check into prints...they make great art and come in many sizes..a nice alternative when you can't afford the REAL stuff!
Or you know what...take pictures yourself and convert them to black and white and print and frame.  I've done that with all our beach photos...looks elegant and they all go together nicely on the wall!

I picked these photo prints because they make me FEEL something...and think about things and I love art or photographs that just TAKE YOU AWAY for a moment or two...these speak to me!!



  1. Love the bedding and the black and white although more of a blue or patriotic look person meself :). LS

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I've been trying to distract myself from all the horrible news today and I'm so glad you have a new blog post up. I LOVE that own bracelet. Might have to order that :)
    Hugs, Christine


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