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Friday, April 5, 2013

Some Vactation Goodies! I didn't do that!! ahahahaha!  What's a vacation if you don't pick up a few goodies along the way right?  Well that's how I view it anywho hee hee!  So we were gone 11 days and traveled from Charlottesville, VA to Columbia, SC to Birmingham, Alabama to Hilton Head Island, SC and then Charleston, SC...phew and home again.  As much as I LOVE to travel it sure is nice to be home and back into a semi-normal routine even if work beckoned, laundry called and grocery shopping and cleaning had to get done :)

So I always like to do a "bit" of shopping while I'm away and thankfully the boys are good sports about it and they dutifully wait outside and hold our bags for me and Alexa (yes, I have trained them well).


I always pick up a few holiday ornaments while I'm gone...I have a Christmas tree that is dedicated to our travels and its always fun to put the ornaments up and think about those trips.  So Santa on the Dolphin is from Hilton Head, the balsam wood one is from Charleston and of course one from Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola! We have vacationed in Hilton Head and Charleston a lot over the years but I still like to get ornaments and add the date of our trip somewhere on them....its memories ya know!?

This beauty is a candle...yep it really is...and I adore it!  I have NOTHING in my house this color but I could not resist, I will probably put it in my bedroom and it smells luscious!  It came from a store in Charlottesville, VA.

And these goodies were a "few" things I picked up at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA. I'm a Coke addict...yup I freely admit it and Cherry Coke is my fave.  So a cute pill box for my purse, some yummy Cherry Coke lip gloss and these cute salt-n-pepper shakers.  I also got some pjs and a giant mug to drink my Cherry Coke from...what else would I do with it hee hee!

 If you've never been to Charleston, SC...well you are missing really its a beautiful city to visit!  But you MUST go to the market on Market St and see all the vendors.  A lot of the things are handmade by artisans and crafters and there is always a great variety and different ones each week.  I bought these sterling silver palm trees from "A Southern Collection" because they will always remind me of where I NEED to be in SC :)  One day my home will be around soon as I get these teens out of high school and off to college!!

This is a fun purchase from Forever 21...they have a HUGE store in Charleston!  But mustaches seem to be the rage right now so I couldn't resist this cute necklace to wear for fun (and only $3).  It will be cute with a lil sundress or white t-shirt!

I picked up a few summer dresses at Forever 21 as well...they have cute, trendy pieces for not a big investment so that works well for summer stuff.  I got 4 dresses, 2 of them are above and you can find them at their online store too.  When it hits 98 degs with 100% humidity in VA you want light and breezy materials that's for sure!

And I mentioned I'm shoe addict too right?  There aren't too many shoe stores I will just pass on by with out a stop-in or shop-in I say!!  Well I love, love shoes and most of them are heels...I'm a heels girl but I do have a few flats I promise.  These are by Nine West and I know they will be perfect with sundresses and capris this spring and summer!  Comfy too and they come in other colors!

And I finally found this color by was sold out everywhere for weeks!  But finally found it at my local CVS (they just got new stock in) and grabbed one.  The color is called "In the Cab-ana"...its bright aqua and soooo cute for summer!

So there ya shopping expenditures for you!  Yes, yes I did buy some other goodies for me, and the family but these are the ones I wanted to share with you!



  1. Darn I love everything you bought. We gals can shop, can't we. No coach???? LOL I love love love those earrings. I may have to copy you and get a pair of those too. <3

  2. Hey Suzanne, what fun goodies! :) I love those earrings. I bet you got that wood ornament at the market in Charleston? We get one from her every time we go :) Love the Coke stuff too :) How fun!
    Hugs, Christine

  3. Ooh wow, you did some good shopping!

  4. Love all your fabulous finds on your vacation, Suzanne. Especially the shoes...Nine West is one of my favorite go to for shoes.
    Cathy Lee


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