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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Water Challenge!


Soooooo I'm putting myself through a HUGE challenge right now.  Now go ahead and laugh after you read this....but its very TOUGH for me.  I am a Coke addict...have been for years!  Cherry Coke is my deal and my hubby makes sure to keep me in stock like a pimp ahahahaha.  I always have 2-3 cases of it in our extra refrigerator in the garage.  I'm really, really, really trying to cut back from the 3 or 4 Cokes I drink a day....yes I said 3 or 4...I told you it was an issue LOL!  I'm just not a water doesn't appeal to me.  Its the sparkly yumminess of Coke that keeps me coming back...I will go off of it and then see a picture or ad of a Coke and go right back to it...its like a darn drug I tell ya! **yes I have serious issues with sugar too LOL**

 I mean look at the beauty...mmmm good...yumminess LOL!

So I'm trying to cut back to just 1 Coke a day...I'm not going cold turkey cuz' I just don't wanna...period.  But I want to start drinking 3-4 glasses of water a day too...cuz' its good for me and I need to.  I like my water ICE COLD...that means LOTS of ice...and it has to have lemon in it...not a lot but just a slice is good.

And this is where hubby broke down...laughing at me...he apparently thought what I'm about to tell you was hysterical. is what it is.  I HAD to buy special water glasses...yes pretty ones...that looked nice on the table when I'm drinking it.  Now I will admit that I have more glasses than should be humanly possible...but that is NOT the point on my story so I won't delve into that ;)  So I searched...and I searched....and I searched and then I found exactly what I wanted.  Not too thick of glass and not too thin...not too small and not too big...yup I finally found 'em at (dang that store for all its goodness).  And...I made HUBBY pay for 'em...hey I'm a smart girl now puh-leeze ;) ...learn from me people, learn!

So I went with these Luigi Bormioli 19.25 oz glasses
Four for $21.99 and Prime shipped 'em to me in 2 days...whoot!

And you know what...its working...heehee!  I've only been drinking 1 Coke a day and drinking lots of water every day!  I've been working out a lot...trying to get the jiggle and wiggle gone so that makes me drink a lot too.  More on the work outs in another post...but I will share that this gal's muscles are SORE ugh!  But so far so good with the methods may be odd but they do work :) for me at least.

So here they are in action!  Yup an action shot for ya! LOL!  The ice was melting quickly outside on the patio...sorry..but it was 91 degs outside yesterday and stuff was melting fast.  Clean, iced down water with a slice of lemon...not just for me but for the family too.  So it proves to the ole' hubster that my theory of PRETTY makes it more least for me...yeah, yeah I'm going with that story & stickin' to it!!

Any challenges you are trying to put yourself through for the better-ment of yourself/family??



  1. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. "Pretty" is always enticing. Congrats on figuring out what works for you. :)

  2. i'm not a soda drinker, but this is a tip i heard from another blogger when she was breaking the addiction - sparkling water with a little pomegranite juice added to it :)

    And the weather this week is crazy!!! Can't believe we went from such cold to such heat so quickly. We skipped spring and went straight into summer.

  3. Wow! You drank that much coke. Be careful. Too much pop will literally put you in the ground. I too gave up pop (except for one sprite when I eat out which isn't often). It took me about a year to actually not even want dark cola pop and after a couple years I even gave up tea for the most part. I only drink water but it has to be from the frig door (cold).

  4. This is so funny because I am doing the same thing only with Pepsi. I switch back and forth from Coke to Pepsi each year and do not know why. I am addicted to either one but drinking Pepsi right now. My Dr. insisted I cut back from 2-3 a day to one because of health issues. It is hard, but I am trying and doing it the same as you, sometimes a slice of lime sometimes lemon and lots and lots of ice. I am not a fan of water but trying really hard. Good luck to you.

  5. Ha...ha... I'm a girl after your own heart suzanne, I love my water from a pretty glass, in fact I have one crystal tall tumbler that is MINE and woe betide anyone else who dares to drink from it !


  6. Good for you, Suzanne! It is a HARD switch. I went through it back in October because of a kidney stone. I was dehydrating myself by drinking 2-3 cokes a day and maybe just one glass of water. Now I try to have 6-7 8 oz glasses of water and just one can of coke with lunch. I don't feel like I have to give it up completely just lessen the quantity and drink more of the good stuff to balance it out.

  7. i am a water fan but have a son who just isn't. We've bought some little flavour bottles when we've been in the US and these work great. Little to no calories and just a bit of extra taste!

  8. I feel for you Suzanne, I too am a coke addict only coke zero is my poison. I have also been trying to give up after giving myself a major hangover after consuming 7 in one day - Urgh! I am trying to switch my caffeine fix to coffee, which I don't enjoy - so that it will be easier to give up. I do drink lots and lots of water but it is hot here where I live, so it is easy to keep up with lots of lovely icy water (I love mine in pretty glasses with lots of ice as well, I have some super pretty pastel coloured glasses, that I use ). I will be wishing us both luck with giving up! x joy


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