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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Paper Scrap Pumpkins..DIY!

This is a fun little project to do in your spare time to dress up your home this Fall.  You can use things found around (and outside) the house.  Everything I used were scraps from my craftroom...a great way to recycle and reuse!  And just by changing the colors/patterns of your papers you can change the theme of your pumpkins.  So if you want creepy scary, bright & sassy or rustic and vintage...that's all up to you!  Have fun with it!

I went with more rustic colors and papers that fit in well with my home decor so I could move them from room to room if I wished.  


Empty Toilet paper or Papertowel rolls (OR) rolled construction/craft paper 
Strips of scrapbook paper or other papers 
(use a paper with a good weight)
Glue for paper (I use Scotch 3M Quick Adhesive)
Embellishments or accessories of your choice
Tree bark, thick sticks, or some other item for the stem

If you are squeamish about using toilet paper rolls for any reason just use a paper-towel roll or create a tube roll with thick construction paper.  I don't have any issues with using toilet paper rolls from my son's however, ummmm!

Cut a "trial" strip of paper to see how long you want each for your pumpkins.  If you want a more squat pumpkin then make the strips longer, for a taller/thinner pumpkin cut them shorter.

I made two different sizes of pumpkins...for the smaller one I cut about 1/3 off the toilet paper roll.
I used the whole roll for the larger pumpkin.  I wrapped both rolls with coordinating paper so that it looks nicely through the strips of paper.

All my papers were from an older My Minds Eye line...I used a mix of Halloween papers and just regular everyday patterns that fit my scheme.  Because I used two patterns per pumpkin I spaced the strips out as I worked and then filled in varying the pattern so it was even around the pumpkin.  When you use a thicker paper it holds the "curve" of the pumpkin better than a lighter weighted paper will.

I cut a circle of paper for the bottom of each pumpkin and glued it once I was done adding all my strips.  This gives the pumpkin a nice base to stand on evenly when you are finished.

Then you add your decorations as you see fit.  I got sticks and thick bark pieces from my woods for my stems...I liked the more rustic look.  And I used burlap and tulle for the "leaves".  The toilet paper roll give you a nice area to add you elements to...I stuffed the bottom of the roll with tissue paper and then added the stem and burlap/tulle to the top so it didn't sink.


I love the way they turned out & they cost me a total sum of $0.00...can't beat that!!

Also a fun project to make with your kids....pre-cut the strips of paper and let them have fun with it!

Happy Scrappy Fall!!

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  1. Love them, Suzanne. They look fabulous with your decor.

  2. So pretty! Love Mind's Eye paper collections. I have several older ones that I hoard!

    1. Thank you Rachel...I cannot tell you how many MME papers I have, I have been slightly obsessed since they first launched LOL! TGIFriday!

  3. Love the papers you used and fun pumpkin idea. Thanks for sharing

  4. Love the bark, twigs and burlap look. I made a centerpiece for my kitchen table with twigs, pine cones, acorns and a mason jar. This wiil fill it in perfectly. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Sounds lovely Linda...hope you got to make a few! hugs~

  5. I only had time to make one-so much fun!
    BTW I have been re-watching your Copic class videos. So much info and love the sound of your voice.
    Hope you'll be back to coloring soon.


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